dhi hair transplant turkey : Benefits and Cost

dhi hair transplant is the latest technology for hair transplant worldwide, known as, direct hair implantation, best techniques used in implantation, latest of what the world of medical cosmetic has come to, it’s the new version of FUE method, which required entire head shaving, however, DHI method enables the patients to go through the transplantation without shaving and without operation.

DHI Hair Transplantation technique depends on a device that takes the form of a pen and has a hollow needle at the end. It is a diameter of not more than 1 mm. This device called CHOI Implanter, a non-surgical technique.

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Many people wonder how hair transplantation did when using this technique. There is no surgical intervention at all. However, you should take precautionary measures to avoid any complications after surgery.

  • The doctor sterilizes the scalp, especially the donor area, and the receiving area, then plots the receiving area and identifies the follicles to pick.
  • Local anesthesia is initiated on areas where follicles will be picked up to avoid pain during the operation.
  • The doctor harvests the follicles from the donor area, and then begins to implant them using DHI technique for hair transplantation using Choi’s pens, which requires high precision and superior skill from the surgeon, at the same time, the assistant doctor, cleans the area that has been implanted, by spraying it with Cold brine, and this step does not require opening channels in the skin; it is done without surgery where the scalpel is not used at all.

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DHI Benefits for Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplantation technique has some factors that help the implanted follicles to stay as long as possible and makes the hair naturally grow, such as:

  1. The short time that the extracted follicles spent out of the body, where no time is there separating between the harvesting and the implanting time, so the less time, much stronger hair.
  2. Preserving the moisture of the extracted grafts and not being subjected to motor shocks, so the chance of bacteria spreading on the surface and the sources of infection decrease.
  3. DHI hair transplantation doesn’t cause any wounds or scars on the head as it is non-surgical, and the scalpel is not used at all, so it doesn’t need to open channels to implant the follicles.
  4. There is no need to shave the head or cut it short before the surgery, in the area needed implantation.
  5. DHI technique for hair transplantation gives more density to the hair, 99.99% comparing to its previous ones
  6. The success percentage in DHI hair transplantation in very high, where you can have total natural results.
  7. DHI technology is suitable for all people who want to undergo DHI hair transplantation technology, whether they have genetic baldness, or hair loss, or those who have certain diseases prevent them from transplantation using other techniques such as diabetics.

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The Cost of DHI for hair transplant

Although DHI Hair Transplantation is the latest technology in transplantation worldwide, it’s not expensive, and there is no significant difference between DHI and other techniques in hair transplant; however, it does depend on few factors, most important are:

  • The number of follicles taken, and the size of the area implanted, according to the degree and style of hair loss.
  • Medical center fame and reputation, and the doctor well- experience in the field of hair transplantation technology DHI.
    In general, the cost ranges from 2.000 up to 2.500 $.

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Reasons for using hair transplant DHI technique

Before talking about the reasons why we use DHI Hair Transplantation technique for hair transplant, the latest technology in the world, let us speak shortly on the main reasons causing hair fall

  • Genetic factors: Sometimes a person carry the baldness genes, from one of the parents. Baldness is one form of hair fall, which occurs due to follicles dam, which happens to men more often, however, it happens to women as well, when a specific separation occurs between the hair follicles, in the central area of the scalp and become exposed to thinning hair, which affects the front of the head, and sometimes, the hair loses its density, and its thickness low down, and this issue occurs along with age.
  • Taking some medical drugs: Some treatments and pharmaceutical drugs containing some certain substances that will malfunction in hair follicles, causing hair loss.
  • Birth and nursing: they both exhaust the body, leading to weakening the hormones, and so causing severe hair fall.
  • Anemia: which means iron deficiency in the blood or lack of red blood cells number in the body, leading to weaken hair causing it to fall, also, other addition symptoms such as; focus inability, white marks appearance on nails’ surface, causing it to break, as well as face exhaustion, and pallor face.
  • Thyroid problems: Thyroid gland secret hormones that regulate many processes in the body, and the occurrence of disorders of hormones secretion, or less hormone secretion too much leads to a defect of hair growth cycle and leads to hair fall off.
  • Women’s ovarian necrosis syndrome: period disorders are associated with hair loss. Where the body produces estrogen, which causes the growing hair to thin in the scalp.
  • Psychological reasons: the occurrence of anxiety and tension causes stress hormones secretion that will lead to follicles thinning and then hair loss.
  • Malnutrition: Following the bad habits of eating fast food that contain high levels of chemical toxins and calories, is one of the main reasons for consecutive hair loss. Malnutrition is a condition caused by the body’s lack of sufficient nutrients, which leads to hair thinning, because proper food is the most critical factor of hair growth because of the vitamins and proteins, because when we abandon a balanced food, it will cause a defect in the hair grafts and roots, therefore, it leads to hair loss.

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DHI technology for hair transplantation, can help you get rid of all the factors leading to baldness or hair loss, so it is best to use this process without thinking, or need to exhaust ourselves experiencing, traditional treatments, or other hair transplant techniques that require a complete surgical process, DHI technique for hair transplantation is more comfortable and more efficient to get thick, perfect, and natural hair look.

DHI Hair Transplantation used for hair transplantation in beard and mustache, as well as natural eyebrow implants because they are highly accurate; they are not only used for head hair transplantation, this type of hair transplantation needs the high accuracy of the Choi Pen used in DHI technology for hair transplantation.


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Published on: July 08, 2014 at 11:44

dhi hair transplant turkey : Benefits and Cost