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Get rid of all skin problems and enjoy the natural freshness of your skin

Derma Roller For Skin Freshness

Derma Roller, one of the latest technologies, which is safe and effective in treating skin problems, such as acnes, wrinkles, blackheads, dark spots, and many other problems. It is also suitable for all skin types.

Derma roller is a medical device based on microneedle technology that stimulates the collagen in the skin, which is a key component of skin tissue, so it helps to regenerate skin cells and restore skin freshness.

Candidates For Derma Roller Technique

All people with certain skin problems are considered as candidates for derma roller technique.

  1. People suffering from acne.
  2. Young people suffering from dark circles.
  3. The elderly who suffer from wrinkles and sagging skin.
  4. People suffering from dark spots.
  5. Derma roller treats the effects of pimples.

There are certain situations that are not suitable for the Derma roller:

    1. Women who undergo laser to remove the hair.
    2. People with a certain skin disease, such as; eczema.
    3. People with active pimples should first treat them, then use derma roller to treat the effects of pimples.

Pre-Operative Instructions Before Derma Roller Technique

Some important instructions you should follow, before undergoing Derma roller, to avoid any side effects or complications during the procedure:

    1. Carry out the skin allergy tests to make sure that the skin is not sensitive to derma roller.
    2. Telling the doctor about all the medical drugs you take, which could hinder the procedure.
    3. Doing certain skin tests, to make sure that the person has no skin diseases that hinder the derma roller.
    4. Stop smoking for two weeks before the derma roller, as it affects the oxygen percentage inside the blood.
    5. Stop taking any type of blood thinners, such as; vitamins group because they contain vitamin E.
    6. Avoid taking the medications that cause blood thinning, in addition to NSAIDs.

Post-Operative Instructions For Derma Roller Technique

After the derma roller, some instructions should be followed to enable us to get the best results.

    1. Avoid touching the face, for at least 12 hours after derma roller procedure.
    2. Drink plenty of water, to help improve the blood circulation.
    3. Use vitamin C after derma roller procedure, to help stimulating the collagen.
    4. Avoid direct sunlight, or extreme heat, for 48 hours after the procedure, and use a sunscreen outside.
    5. Apply moisturizing creams prescribed by the doctor, which fit the person’s skin, to avoid skin redness after derma roller.
    6. Avoid making abnormal movements or moving your face hardly.
    7. You should try as far as possible to keep the head vertically, and avoid leaning it at least for two hours.
    8. Stop smoking for two weeks after derma roller procedure.
    9. Avoid doing hard work for at least 24 hours.

Derma Roller Method Stages

Derma Roller technology goes through four stages:

    1. Clinical examination: the doctor examines the person’s face, determining the affected areas.
    2. Caring out the necessary tests: skin tests are performed to ensure that the skin is not sensitive to derma roller technology, and without any diseases that might hinder the procedure, as well as blood tests are performed.
    3. Preparing the patient: the patient is given a local anesthesia which is an anesthetic cream that avoids the patient feels pain.
    4. Using Derma Roller: derma roller device is a technique with a cylindrical shape that contains very fine needles. The doctor passes the device over the patient’s face, directing the needles to the affected areas. By this way, it helps producing collagen and elastin within the skin layers, and restoring the freshness of the skin.



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Derma Roller for Skin Freshness