how dental implant is done

Dental implants, the teeth loss leads to an ugly smile, in addition to deformation in the jaw because the tooth loss leads to losing all the teeth, then, the structure of the jaw and teeth will be damaged after a period. The dental implant is the best solution for treating the problem, which is the best option for healthy teeth.

The smile is confidence that reflected on the performance of the person in the field of his career and the success of his social relations. Healthy and beautiful teeth are one of the most important reasons that make the person smile confidently.

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Many people expose to teeth loss and fall, and suffering many problems in their daily life, due to effects of teeth loss on personal appearance and methods of the correct pronunciation of words and letter, in addition to they suffer problems in eating during chewing. Most of the people ask about how dental implant is done, and the dental implant is an operation needs local anesthesia, in which the missing or damaged tooth is replaced with another artificial tooth made of titanium, by implanting it in the jaw performing a surgical operation.

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How dental implant is done

  • The first stage in the dental implant is the arrangements by the doctor such as tooth root implant, which is a small post made of safe titanium that quickly reacts with the jawbones. The diameter and length of tooth root vary according to the size and the place of the tooth.
  • The second stage in the dental implant is waiting for the healing of the jawbone, in which the jawbone grows around the implanted metal post, anchoring it solidly in the jaw. The healing process takes from six to 12 weeks.
  • Once the healing of jawbones around the implanted roots, the doctor will attach a small part called an abutment, which is the link between the root and the implanted tooth. This is the longest stage in dental implants.
  • The doctor creates a model of the teeth and the shape of the smile, so that guarantee to get the suitable size and shape for the teeth for healthy appearance, then, the doctor will choose the implanted tooth to replace tooth loss. A replacement tooth based on this model with the same color, to get a natural teeth appearance.
  • In the last stage of the dental implant, the doctor attaches and anchors the tooth. Once you finished the dental implant, the implanted area may expose to some redness. This is a natural side effect, and the doctor will provide the patient with some instruction to follow.

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The benefits of dental implant

  • Dental implant treatments the muscle atrophy of the jaw and face, which makes wrinkles in the face, making the patient face look older than the real age, in addition to treatment of spaces in the teeth.
  • Dental implant helps to increase the self-confidence and the attractive appearance, so that enhance his psychological state and self-esteem.
  • The dental implant enhances the opportunities for professional persons and getting the jobs, which need a specific appearance and correct pronunciation of letters such as radio and television jobs.
  • Enhancing natural chewing, which is the main gate for a healthy body. When you have healthy teeth, it improves the jaw smile, which is the most important for social relations.
  • Improving pronunciation, in which covering gaps between teeth caused by the tooth loss, so that guarantee the correct pronunciation.

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Fake treatment

When someone suffers from a toothache, he may resort to fake treatment to solve the problem and listen to the advice of many people, who have wrongly believe about no need to go to the dentist. They believe in the oils and other home recipes, which is not enough to solve the teeth problems.

Home recipes for teeth treatment, which many people looking for are just painkillers, not solving the teeth pain. The teeth pain may be a result of tooth decay, caries, or gums problems and leads to teeth loss.

Dental implant gives you a beautiful and attractive smile and a healthy tooth, which increases the self-confidence, improved self-esteem, enhance your look, and help you to take the chance, which may change your life.


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how dental implant is done