Dental Implant in Lebanon, benefits, and cost

Dental implant in Lebanon, Lebanon is the first destination for medical tourism since many years; it is the first Arabian courtiers famous with cosmetic surgeries, as well when you hear about cosmetic surgeries, the first thing comes to our brain; Lebanon.

Lebanon has many facilitates, which make it at the top of this field, the first thing is rhinoplasty, then, dental implant surgery. Now, dental implant takes the first place and the most population of the cosmetic surgeries done in Lebanon because many people want to get the attractive smile, as Hollywood smile do not complete without consistent and beautiful teeth. Sometimes happiness is the source of the smile, but other times the smile is a source of happiness when you have perfect teeth. The consistency of teeth makes the person always smiling and giving vitality for the face.

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Dental implant surgery is a cosmetic surgery, which replaces the tooth loss with another artificial tooth made of titanium by implants it in the jaw. It is a leap in cosmetic dentistry field in Lebanon. In the past; the only treatment for teeth loss is dentures, which need full dental extraction from the mouth but with the techniques development and the appearance of modern technology in the dental field in Lebanon, the person who suffer from tooth loss be able to perform a straightforward surgery and implants a new tooth.

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The advantages of the dental implant in Lebanon

Lebanon becomes able to attract many patients who want to perform dental implant surgery, either from the east or the west, because of its excellence in any field, such:

  • Lebanon contains a lot of medical centers, the dental implant specialist, which is approved by the health ministry.
  • The Lebanese medical centers depend on the most modern methods, which used in the dental implant in Lebanon.
  • The operation is done by the most qualified destines and cosmetic experts, who the dental implant specialist.
  • The low cost of dental implant surgery compared with other Arabian and European countries, in which its cost is affordable.
  • Lebanon has a lot of unusual touristic places and fantastic weather, either summer or winter, so that the patient can make a fantastic touristic trip, besides perform the dental implant in Lebanon.
  • In addition to, what dental implants gives to the patient benefits, such:
  1. Enhancing the smile of mouth, due to having good and healthy teeth.
  2. Improve self-confidence, due to having consistent teeth, so that increase self-esteem.
  3. Improve all appearance and give an attractive look.
  4. Easy chewing process.
  5. Return your smile, which disappears when you suffer teeth loss.
  6. Improve the pronunciation and letters exits.

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The disadvantages of the dental implant in Lebanon

Although Lebanon has more advantages than other Arabian and European countries alike, it has some disadvantages. Sometimes Lebanon is not safety, as well as the politically unstable; the chance for chaos occurrence is so high, in addition to the difficulty of public transport and traffic.

There are side effects and complications when you perform dental implant surgery, according to each patient, such as:

  1. Feeling pain in the jaw and teeth; it can be disposed of when you take the necessary painkillers such Motrin.
  2. The process of jawbone healing takes six to 12 weeks; it is an extended period.
  3. Bleeding might occur during the operation and lasts for several hours after the operation. Sometimes the bleeding lasts for 24 hours, according to patient condition.
  4. Feeling uncomfortable, until the new implanted teeth are adapted.
  5. Swelling occurs in the implanted teeth areas, and then, you can put cold compresses in the swelling areas.
  6. The gums will be redness; it is a healthy thing and disappears when you take the necessary antibiotics.
  7. Infection is rare, which you can control by taking the necessary anti-biotics dictated by the doctor.

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The journey of the dental implant in Lebanon

Lebanon contains a lot of cosmetic centers in all its cities, and maybe it has a medical cosmetic center in each inch so that we find a great competition between them. Each cosmetic center seeks to be the best, so most of the cosmetic centers give high attention to the patients. In addition to, providing the medical service such efficient doctors, who obtained many certificates, depending on the most modern methods, cleanliness, and sterilization. Lebanon also provides the fantastic pickup, host in the most magnificent hotels, amazing touristic trips. Lebanon has many tourist attractions such as; historical areas, archeological sites, landscapes, beaches, mountains, rivers, and forests such as cedar forests (Cedrus). Cedrus is a forest, which has many cedars trees that live for more than 3000 years and it has historical and religious importance. The journey of the dental implant in Lebanon, a journey of treatment and tourism at the same time.

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The journey of dental implant has:

  • Once the patient arrived in Lebanon, a particular driver will come from cosmetic center to take him to the hotel. A tourism program is arranged for the patient as he wishes.
  • In the appointment day, the medical center will receipt the patient with a great welcome and performs to him the necessary tests and the medical checkup, to ensure that he able to perform dental implant surgery and he did not have any disses may lead to canceling the surgery such diabetes. The doctor will check the patient to ensure that he has healthy gums and bones.
  • The doctor will take a model of the teeth, to get the shape of the new tooth, in addition to he will match the color of the new tooth with the original color of patient’s teeth.
  • The patient will be under local anesthesia, so as not to feel any pain.
  • The patient will wait a while until the jawbones healing around the implanted roots. The doctor will attach a small part called abutment, which is the link between the new tooth and the root.
  • The doctor will implant the new tooth called the crown and anchors it well.
  • The doctor gives the patient some instructions have to be followed after dental implants, such as; stop eating until the anesthesia has been gone, stop drinking hot drinks, and swaddling for 24 hours after implant.
  • The patient can get back to his healthy life after dental implant, in which he can go around Herma street in Lebanon, and shop in the most famous mall and shopping centers, as well as he can interest with the history and culture monuments, in addition to the ski lovers can skating and interests with ice in city of Faria. Faria is a tourist’s attraction place for Arab and Europe.

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The cost of the dental implant in Lebanon

The cost of cosmetic surgeries in Lebanon, especially dental implant in Lebanon, is meager compared with the other Arabian and European countries. Lebanon features in the low cost, keeps of high quality, providing the cosmetic and medical care, and depending on the most modern methods of dental implant surgery and the efficient dentists’ cadres. The price starts from 1200 $ to 2000 $, at the same time the price in the Arabian and European countries up to 4500 $.


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Dental Implant in Lebanon, benefits, and cost