Dental Implant in Egypt, How is done, Is Turkey better?

Dental implant in Egypt, the beauty is evidence of the health, the reason of the self-confidence, and the social communications between people. The beautiful and health of teeth is one of the most important beautiful signs for human, in which the smile is the first thing that people see on us and the first thing that we start to do as communication factor, so that the beauty of teeth is very important, which people must get and keep.

As well as, getting healthy and beautiful teeth is not easy and to keep it needs more efforts. There are factors can be managed such as; continue cleaning by the toothbrush and the lotion, using cleans teeth threads, monthly visiting the dentist. There are some factors have negative effects on the health of teeth, and we cannot stop its occurrence such as; genetics factors, weakness of gums, and the leak of vitamins that needed for strong teeth structure and healthy gums tissue. All of these factors lead to the weakness of teeth, caries, tooth erosion, or tooth loss, affecting the general shape of the mouth and the pronunciation. There are also some factors such as; accidents exposure, exercise violent sports, or even a quarrel between two people.

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When the teeth exposed to fall, it needs medical treatment, either surgical or non-surgical, which is become available for many people because of the huge development of technology since the last two century in many medical fields, especially dentistry, so that dental implant in Egypt your best choice for replacing the teeth loss.

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Dental implant in Egypt

The dental implant aims to implant a replacement tooth root; this root provides a strong base for fixed tooth or removable tooth, which matched with your natural tooth. Dental implant in Egypt has many advantages such as replacing the natural teeth in the jaw, and it is looked like the natural teeth, chewing, enhance your pronunciation; it is fixed forever and matched with the jaw and the gums. The dental implant contains a tooth root made of titanium. Titanium is a metal that has proven its interaction and full complementarity with the nature of the gums without any negative effects.


How the dental implant is done

The doctor makes a full checkup on the jaw, cleans it, and prepares it to receive the new teeth, then, dental implant stages start, which is done under local anesthesia, so the doctor implants the root in several stages:

  • First stage: the place will be prepared for implant. The roots that made of titanium will be attached in the jawbone where the fallen tooth.
  • Second stage: the complete healing of the jawbone; this is stage named the healing jaw. The period of healing takes a long period, in which the dental implant in Egypt takes six months for the upper jaw and three months for the lower jaw.
  • Third stage: this is the last stage, which means the final composition of dental implants. This stage contains several session for making the final composition of the shape of crowns and trying it for final installation.

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Dental implant in Egypt and Turkey, which is better

Egypt is one of the Arabian countries, which cares about providing the best of the cosmetic medical field, especially dentistry. Egypt knew with its private clinic with the high position of quality, entertainment, and the experience of medical staff in the dentistry field. Synchronize with the spread of dental implant in the last period; Egypt achieved great development in dentistry, especially dental implant in Egypt.

Now, the high-level Egyptian clinics provide the dental implant with the best dental materials such as porcelain and zircon. Those materials are up to twenty-five years old and giving the healthy and beautiful appearance to the jaw up to 100%, in addition to Egypt provides the best cost offer of a dental implant in Egypt. The average cost of the implanted tooth varies between 600-1000 $.

Turkey is one of the medical tourism destinations, which takes the worldwide popular, in which dentistry procedures, especially the dental implant in Turkey is one of the most wanted cosmetic procedures, besides liposuction and rhinoplasty.

Turkey and its cities are seeking to achieve the worldwide first number by providing the ideal level in the medical tourism field, providing the medical and health services, competing for the advanced world countries with the high quality, high entertainment, and continues following its clients. In addition to Turkey attracts the most modern techniques and medical materials with the high accuracy for the dental implant in Turkey. Now, Turkey provides the best dental materials compared with German and Swiss materials, in which all the dental materials, either dental implants, dental filling, or orthodontics are the best materials ever all over the world.

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Although Turkey uses the best dental materials such as Veneer, Luminaires, Zircon, and Porcelain, it provides the best competitive price compared with the advanced European and American countries. The cost of a tooth in the dental implant in Turkey with high quality such as German quality, Swiss, or Italian quality starts from 700 $ and ups to 1000 $.


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Dental Implant in Egypt, How is done, Is Turkey better?