Cosmetic operations in Turkey, all what you need to know

Restore balance and harmony for a part of the body parts, for treating many diseases such as breast cancer, changing the shape of a body part, and obtaining complete satisfaction with the overall shape of a person, and these are all problems that man sought to solve by cosmetic surgery in Turkey.

The aesthetic form is the most important for humanity since the beginning of time, and cosmetic surgery focuses on the flaws’ treatments, or defect caused by some reasons such as;  congenital defects, Growth abnormalities, or because of disadvantages acquired as a result of illness, like breast reconstruction after its removal due to tumors, or cancerous diseases, or the exposure to accidents that cause deformities in some of the body parts like; deformation caused by fire, and war.

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Plastic Surgeries in Turkey

Through the past years, Turkey has witnessed massive progress in cosmetics and plastic surgeries, in a short period; Turkey has been able to keep up with the leading countries in the field of cosmetics such as; USA, Brazil, Australia and other countries to become one of the leading countries in cosmetic surgery.

Many people come to Turkey annually, for cosmetic medical tourism, Turkey has many specialized beauty centers equipped with the latest medical technologies, as well as the separate teams of doctors that Turkey has, with a high level of professionalism due to the educational progress in Turkey. On the other hand, Turkey has the upper hand in what comes to costs of Cosmetic operations; due to the currency differences between the Turkish currency and other currencies that give an advantage for Turkey. All these features made Turkey a medical and tourist destination for many, who come to Turkey annually, and became one of the leading countries in the field of cosmetic surgery.

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Cosmetics Operations in Turkey was not discovered newly, despite its huge spread; nevertheless, cosmetics first started in the ancient times in India, since the eighth century BC, when the Indian physician “Sushruta” performed a grafting of a patient’s skin. Also, in the middle of the fifteenth century in Europe, Dr. Heinrich “Folospeundt” was able to do a new noise-making process for a person after been exposed to an accident. In 1827, new techniques in cosmetic operations were discovered, and that is for taking care of the patients with facial defects caused by the First World War, due to doctor “Gillies” who is considered the first doctor in modern cosmetic operation.

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The progress of the cosmetic operation

Cosmetics operations was started after many attempts, which has achieved remarkable success and helped reach this level of sophistication, where the beginning was skin grafting process, in 1917 Walter was subjected to the first operation of skin grafting in modern history, as he suffered from a severe facial deformity, which resulted from one of the wars he fought in.

The year 1962 has witnessed the first breast augmentation in the United States, by using silicon, and the operation was performed on a woman called “Ledesni”, who approved to go through the operation, opening the door for other women who went through breast cosmetic operations after she did it, as well as breast reconstruction for cancer problems’ solving.

The years of 2000 up to 2009 was the beginning of the different step, where the field of plastic surgeries has witnessed massive progress, as laparoscopy was used in cosmetic surgery, reducing the occurrence of postoperative effects and scars, it also helped to reduce recovery time after surgery. The Year of 2005 has witnessed the first successful facelift in the history of cosmetic surgery, for a female patient who had a deformation in the jaw, and the lower part of the nose, the surgery was repeated in 2010 when a team of doctors in Spain successfully performed the first successful face transplant.

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Throughout the ages, until now, the field of cosmetic surgery has developed significantly. Many cosmetic surgeries are using the latest technologies, including five main specialties that are included under plastic surgery:

  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery: including plasma injection therapy, Mesotherapy treatment, facial beautification using golden thread, chemical peeling, facial injection and beautification, ear embolism, nose reduction and cosmetic surgery.
  • Hand and upper arm surgery: such as arm lift, to treat weight loss and muscle transplants.
  • Burn and repair surgery: to hide the effects and defects that affected the skin, to beautify it, and restore it back to its natural form.
  • Breast reconstruction and breast cosmetic surgery, such as breast augmentation, chest tightening, treating and solving of Gynecomastia, or even breast reduction and treatment.
  • Cosmetic surgeries for the lower body parts, such as enlargement and minimization of the buttocks, abdominal caries and showing the six abdominal muscles of men.
  • Liposuction operations and self-fat injection procedures.

Cosmetic Operations in Turkey is a choice that forms a lifestyle for many people, where cosmetic operations show psychological and health benefits, by increasing self-esteem and confidence, as studies show; the psychological factor is the most factor that leads people to undergo plastic surgeries in general.


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Cosmetic operations in Turkey, all what you need to know