Dentistry is defined as a cosmetic procedure aimed at beautifying teeth or gums, either, by whitening the teeth, installing the scales, or dental implants to compensate for their loss, and improving the mouth aesthetic appearance. The smile is a large proportion of the impression that is left in the minds of others towards the person, and its importance made many people seek to get a beautiful and attractive smile as celebrities, and so,  get a brighter and beautiful face.


Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is a cosmetic process that gives immediate results by the installation of teeth crusts which last for many years, these crusts change the shape, the color, and size of the teeth, in a way suits the patient mouth and jaw shape, and there are several types of crusts used in the process of teeth whitening or so-called Hollywood Smile:

  • Porcelain is a strong ceramic peel that matches the tooth nature material, making it all look natural.
  • Lumineers: It is a type of Porcelain that comes in the form of a thin crust characterized by giving immediate and wonderful results.
  • Zirconia is a type of crusts used to support and repair damaged teeth and characterized by its strength and hardness.

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Usage of teeth crusts:

  1. It is used to hide the severe pigmentation caused by smoking or having some food and drinks that cause tooth pigmentation such as coffee and tea.
  2. Ceramic crusts help cover the gaps between the teeth.
  3. Treat the minor fractures in the front teeth.
  4. Hide large, visible fillings on the edges of the front teeth.
  5. The installation of ceramic crusts helps to treat teeth that suffer from none-equal length and size with the rest of the teeth.
  6. Crusts may be used purely for cosmetic purposes in order to obtain beautiful, Pearl white teeth.

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Ceramic crusts installing process to get Hollywood smile has two stages;

  • In the first stage, the dentist examines the teeth and then takes a template for the oral template to be sent to the laboratory to prepare the crusts corresponding to the mold of the patient, so that the crusts suites the teeth size and shape and give them a natural appearance.
  • Then in the second stage, the doctor prepares the teeth by scraping a very small part of them to allow the place to install the crust and get a natural appearance, then the doctor installs the crusts on the teeth using a special gel for that, for you to get afterward, the beautiful Hollywood smile.

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Obtaining an attractive and beautiful smile is one of the important factors that increase self-esteem and self-appreciation, and so, it goes on to effects a person’s professional life and social relationships.


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