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Beauty is the thing that everyone seeks to get, each one according to their definition of beauty and their need to get a particular appearance, and perhaps, what worth mentioning, that the beauty of the face, is the most thing that many are concerned about, much more, the first thing that many people seek, it is the first thing that people see in you and more of what remains in the others minds of you.

This is the part that has become a center of great concern for many of the world. Although the people who wish to get a cosmetic dentistry, women, and men, of different age groups, dental care remains a target for many.

It’s a cosmetic procedure aims to improve teeth appearance, gum, and teeth occlusion, Also, getting beautiful teeth, may be for a cosmetic goal only, for many people, however, there is a great importance that cannot be overlooked, namely the importance of the teeth functional job, in addition to healthy and beautiful teeth, dental health is of importance that may be absent from the minds of many people, including food well-chewing, getting clear letter outlets to speak properly and clearly, in addition to the beautiful look and enjoy an attractive smile that increases your confidence and makes you more alive.

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Dentistry procedures are different according to each case, and each one of them has different treatment methods, this procedure is not like other cosmetic specialties, because there are many medical interventions, the doctor who is authorized to perform the procedure must have a surgeon’s degree where cosmetic dentistry is a part of his specialty, also dentistry is a wide cosmetic medical specialty, designed to improve the overall appearance of the face.


Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry includes several things that can be done according to the condition of every person, who wants to go through it, such as:

  • Cleaning: It is essential to get healthy and beautiful teeth, going to the clinic every six months to get throughout teeth cleaning, is one of the most important steps that help us to maintain healthy teeth, in which cleaning by removing lime and plaque off the teeth and eliminate the bacteria littering over time, as well as getting rid of the effects of coloration caused by eating, smoking and having caffeine, so cleaning your teeth is a healthy and cosmetic procedure at the same time.
  • Bleaching: Bleaching is performed at the doctor’s office using laser, where a certain substance is placed on the tooth, at the Clinic the bleaching is done on two sessions, bleaching also can be done in the house by placing a certain substance in the bleaching device, applied for a specified period of time daily, to get the desired result.
  • Orthodontics: in which the person has his teeth, lined with each other to give him an attractive smile and a complete beautiful mouth shape.
  • Dental fillings: This is what the doctor turns too, in the case of tooth decay to protect the structure of the teeth from decay.
  • Tooth Dressing: It is a cover, placed on the damaged tooth, to cover the whole of it, and this process aims to restore the tooth to its normal size and shape, and it works to strengthen the tooth and improve the appearance.
  • Dental implants: A common method of compensating missing teeth, designed in a way that is compatible with the teeth in the mouth, which is surgical implants in the upper or lower jawbone to form the basis of the tooth to be grown.

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Causes of Teeth weakness or Teeth Falling

There are several factors that – despite our keenness – create many problems that may cause, weakness in the gum or tooth structure, causing large dental problems, or complete teeth falling, this is, in addition to many daily habits, that we follow without realizing the risks to oral health in general, the gum and teeth in particular, including:

  1. Chronic diseases, especially diabetes or some blood-related diseases such as leukemia.
  2. Frequent pregnancy and lack of self-care from the mother, to get good nutrition that contains sufficient amount of Calcium.
  3. Drinking soft drinks – like soda – that cause serious damage to the teeth such as the erosion of the limbs and the fall of the acute, because they contain materials to break down the calcium inside.
  4. Smoking is one of the most important causes of many diseases, including tooth decay and accumulation of jerry, causing deep infections in the gum, which are difficult to cure.
  5. The presence of various diseases in the gum, such as gum acute inflammation due to none-aerobic bacteria, or because of its sensitivity to hot or cold drinks
  6. Neglecting mouth and teeth cleanliness.
  7. Malnutrition and lack of having the required amounts of calcium weaken the bones of the teeth and cause its fall.
  8. Violent sports exercising, exposure to traffic accidents, or falls and direct injury to the mouth area.


Cosmetic Dentistry at Turkeyana Clinic

Turkeyana Clinic aims to reach the highest level of quality, surpassing other Centers, using the latest and the best technologies, Turkeyana Clinic is dedicated to use the best dental materials, from the finest Swiss and German products, which is well-known for its high quality and suitability to the oral environment, just like natural teeth, all materials used from dental fillings to dressing up-to complete implantation. All materials are made to suit the nature of the gum and jawbone structure in a harmonious manner.

We are keen to provide the best results not only aesthetically but also health wise, I mean, what is the importance of a beautiful appearance, if it’s accompanied by pain and discomfort? so we offer you the best, to get the results we want for you, to be satisfied with yourself, healthy teeth are closer to natural teeth, no foul mouth odors and no problems with gum of any kind, in addition to the correct pronunciation and beautiful attractive appearance, also we provide you with a guarantee for twenty years, ensuring the safety, quality and a natural interaction of the used materials, for a very long time, and we are proud to offer this high quality at a competitive price among all the Turkish Centers.

Today, Turkey has reached a quality comparable to the European and American clinics, offering its services with great care, high luxury, and competitive prices.

Having the look, you have always dreamed of, and being completely satisfied with your shape, is a goal we have struggled to reach, and up to this day, we’re doing our best to maintain it, and even to exceed the expectations of all our customers.

We in Turkeyana Clinic are keen to provide you with everything you need to get, the look you have always dreamed of, because your beauty matters to us, and your health is one of our priorities, as well as your satisfaction with the results of the cosmetic work we offer you, is what we aspire to.

Turkeyana Clinic is a pride of itself, for providing you with the utmost care, comfortable atmosphere and the results you dream of. Your beauty is your happiness, and We are with You to Be as You Like. Also, we are providing more than 500 free daily medical consultations, our professional doctors are ready to answer all your questions, what are you waiting for!!


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