Collagen Benefits, Uses, and More

The collagen places in the fibrous connective tissue that located in many parts of the body such as skin, muscles, bones, cartilages, ligaments, tendons, teeth, and nails. It is a kind of protein that the body stimulated as the main ingredient of the most body tissues even the cornea and the eye lens.

The protein of collagen is up to 30% of the full protein in the body, in which the body contains 70% of the protein in the skin. There are many types of the protein and characterize as strong, and it is one of the protein types and gives the protection and strength to many parts of the body, the protein of it uses in the medical and cosmetic field because of containing many advantages.

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The collagen benefits

Not only the benefits of collagen in the cosmetic field but also has medical benefits, here some of the medical and cosmetic benefits:

The healthy benefits of collagen:

  • Heart and blood circulation: the protein of its uses to strengthen the immune and the health of a heart. Once the rate of protein reduces, leads to dysfunction of the heart.
  • The bones and joints: it is the main component in the bones and aims to strengthen bone structure and health of the joints because it contains anti-inflammation characteristics, which leads to strengthening the immune and protects the bones from inflammation and the difficulty in movements. It is the best solution for who suffering osteoporosis for both men and women alike. You must consult the doctor if you want to take protein as a type of nutritional supplements.
  • The teeth and nails: teeth and nails contain it, which it gives them strength because this is the main component to keep the strength of them. The reduction of it in nails leads to easy broken and weakness. The reduction of it in teeth leads to weakened and easily exposed to decay.
  • Skin and healing of wounds: 70% of it exists in the skin and gives the skin what it needs of the freshness and smooth because the characterized of rejuvenation and the growth of new tissue in the skin. it is the best solution for the skin injury and burns so that the medical creams contain collagen, in which it extracts secretions of wounds, keeps the injury wet, protects the wound from bacteria that leads to inflammation, helps for growing a new skin tissue after burns, and repairs of carks that resulting from weight loss or pregnancy. These characterize repairs all the skin problems.

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The cosmetic benefits of collagen

These benefits known by all people who want to get, either using cosmetic products contain it such as commercial creams, taking its protein as a type of nutritional supplements, or taking it injection that women need. About cosmetic benefits of it are highlighting in two points:

  • Hair: it strengthens the follicles and makes the hair more strong, lighting, and smooth. Its characterizes treat a lot of hair problems with providing the feed, which helps for growing. The reduction of it leads to hair dry and lose its strength and brightness.
  • Skin: collage plays a great role in keeping the health and beauty of the skin. Collagen replacements the dead skin tissues, increasing the flexibility and wetting of the skin, unify the color of skin, and removes the blackheads. That is why too many women take the injection session to reduce the wrinkles and fill the wrinkles lines to getting a smooth and bright skin.


The resource of collagen

Collagen is a type of protein that located in a body, which the body stimulate in a normal way, depending on natural resources. If a person follows the natural resources, it will help stimulate the protein in a regular way, some of these natural resources are:

  • Tomatoes: if you eat tomatoes in a regular way, it will stimulate it in the body. The benefits of fresh tomatoes are more effective than this cooked one.
  • The green vegetables: the dark color vegetables stimulate the natural collagen in the body, then, renew the skin tissues, so it’s recommending to eat vegetables.
  • The food that contains vitamin C, especially orange and lemon.
  • The products that contain soya such as soybean, soya milk, and cheeses because of containing genistein, which is a catalyst for its production.
  • The seafood, especially salmon, which contain omega that the main elements help stimulate it.
  • Vitamin A keeps the rate of it in the body. The most important sources of this vitamin are found in carrots and sweet potatoes.
  • Garlic contains sulfur and some natural acids, stimulating the protein of it in the skin.
  • Dark chocolates give the body a high percentage of it.
  • Drinking a rate of water up to 8 cups per day helps for wetting the body and the skin, cleans the body from the poisons, and keeps the fibers that contain the protein of it.

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The uses of collagen

it can use with two methods, either injection or taken as pills and the source of it will be from the same person or animal source such as cows.

Being the source of the person is better than being of animal origin, this is for the injection. Some people allergic to the animal type, maybe it the only harmful of collagen. Some people are taking the protein of collagen by pills so that you must consult the doctor to take the best method without exposing to its disadvantages such as allergic or gain weight.

Some of its advantages, when taking as a protein pill such:

  • Improves the performance of all muscles of the body.
  • Treats the pains, which results from arthritis and bones problems.
  • Strengthen and feeds the follicles, increases the brightening.
  • Treats the effects of acne, scars, and burns.
  • Removes the effects of wilt and frost around the eyes and lips.
  • Keeps the flexibility and the freshness of the skin.

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The reasons of collagen reduction

There are many factors reduces the stimulation of it such as biological factors and environmental factors.

Biological factors: it is the most important thing for the reduction of metabolism, changing of hormones, and aging. This is normal and natural factors to be done in the human body.

The surround environmental factors: are represented below

  • The countenance is exposing of sunlight and UV.
  • The chlorinated water.
  • Environmental pollution.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol and caffeine.
  • The lack of sleep.
  • Malnutrition or following of unbalanced diet.


There are a lot of advantages of it, which this article contained, and tells you what the benefits you get, so share the article to make all benefits reach to all people.  

Collagen Benefits, Uses, and More