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Orthodontics Stages, Benefits and Disadvantages

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Orthodontics is one of the most important ways to treat dental defects caused by irregular teeth, inconsistencies between the upper and lower jaws, or both. Orthodontic treatment involves the rearrangement of oral functions such as chewing, and proper pronunciation, Orthodontics can be done by the doctor purely for aesthetic reasons, concerning improving the overall appearance of the patients’ teeth.

Mahmoud MonemOrthodontics Stages, Benefits and Disadvantages
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Golden threads surgery benefits, disadvantages and cost

Facial and neck wrinkles are the most important challenge by both women and men, because of aging, so the doctors and cosmetic experts have worked very well to develop the techniques that help to solve those problems and challenges, and one of the best solutions is the golden threads for facial rejuvenation.

Mahmoud MonemGolden threads surgery benefits, disadvantages and cost
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