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Grafts Calculator :

Turkeyana Clinic have created a hair graft calculator to help you identify the areas where you feel hair is needed to be transplanted and to gain a rough idea about the amount of grafts needed for the procedure.

The accuracy of calculating those grafts in the bald area plays a key role in the success of the hair transplantation procedure.

How to Calculate the Grafts for your Hair Transplantation?

1- Select the size of the bald area from the figure below.

2- Choose the desired density by moving the slide below.

Technical Alert:

1- The grafts needed vary depends on the type of hair, the size of head and the density of grafts in the donor area, then your expert will maintain the ability to extract the needed grafts considering your safety as a priority.

2- This calculator isn’t alternative for the doctor’s evaluation and calculation.

A hair graft (follicle) is the mammalian skin organ that produces hair.

There are types of hair graft, which are the single, double, and triple graft; where the single is transplanted in the front of the head, and the double and triple are transplanted in the middle of the head, which means that the 2000 grafts will contain 4000 to 6000 hair roots.

Before the hair transplant procedure, your expert determines the number of follicles needed, after evaluating the density of the donor area, then he opens small channels in the bald area considering the dimensions of the original hair, and then implants the extracts.

For example, if the doctor wants to extract 4000 grafts, that means he needs between the 9000 to 1200 hair roots.

Your doctor will determine the needed grafts in your first examination session using his specific medical tools where the extracted grafts should be taken from the patient himself.

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