What is Buttocks Liposuction?

Buttocks Liposuction is ideal for getting a firm texture and a harmonious alignment with the shape of the body, which enhances the person’s self-confidence, having an attractive and beautiful composition, there are many people who suffer from the massive buttocks problem; as one of the most abundant fat stores in the body, where fat accumulate in the buttocks due to many factors, such as; eating high calorie food, or lack of movements and sitting for long periods of time, and there may be genetic factors or hormonal disorder, led to the formation of fat in the buttocks.

You can reduce the buttocks through many ways and methods, such as exercise, or follow specific diets, but it may be difficult to achieve this. Workouts and diets usually take a lot of time and effort, in addition to that it is targeted throughout the body without the focus on a specific area, therefore, performing the cosmetic operations of the buttocks Liposuction was the ideal solution to obtain the desired strength with less both, time and effort, through buttocks liposuction.

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Buttocks Liposuction is a cosmetic process, works to reduce the size of the buttocks, and tighten the flabbiness, to the ideal form required, and can be performed surgically or without surgery, depending on the patient’s condition.

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Buttocks Liposuction Techniques

There are many techniques and methods used to reduce the buttocks, there are surgical techniques, and other non-surgical, depending on the condition of the patient, and the volume of fat formed in the buttocks as well as how much limpness there is, in case he suffers from a shallow fat, he’ll need to perform liposuction, non-surgical and straightforward procedure, on the other hand, If a person is suffering from large fatty lumps, and a lot of flabbiness in the buttocks, he needs to have a tummy tuck next to liposuction, an operation that removes excess fat pieces that are difficult to get rid of with liposuction techniques, so it needs surgical intervention.

Buttocks liposuction techniques are similar in how to get rid of fat through the cannula; nevertheless, the difference lies in how fat is broken up using different devices, such as a laser, Vaser, or sound wave energy.

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  • Laser Technology: Laser technology is one of the modern techniques used in liposuction, where laser technology is based on the use of a laser device, which targets the area of the buttocks, and the fragmentation of fat in specific areas, so easy to suction using cannula, but the use of this technology has reduced in many cosmetic centers, due to the emergence of the latest technology, which is the technique of “Vaser”.
  • Vaser Technology: The technology is the newest technology used in the process of liposuction, which is a non-surgical operation that relies on the energy of safe ultrasound UAL, in which breaks the fat in the buttocks, by inserting the Vaser device in the targeted areas to fragment the fat, to facilitate suction after that, Vaser technology is known to reduce blood loss during the operation.
  • Ultrasound technology: The ultrasound energy dissolves and liquefies the fat cells, subcutaneously in the buttocks, and then it sucks the melted fat.
    As for the patient who has a significant amount of fat and limpness; a buttocks tightening and lifting is necessary.
  • Buttocks lift is an operation in which fat and the excess skin are removed from the buttocks by performing a small surgical incision under the butt area. The doctor can remove the accumulated fat. This technology can be done alone or after liposuction operation through one of the previous suction technique.

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The Stages of Buttocks Liposuction

Buttocks liposuction stages differ according to the used technology in operation, whether it is surgical or non-surgical, and the patient has to choose a doctor with a high efficiency and well experience in the field of buttocks liposuction, and then to have his first interview with the doctor, in order for the doctor to know his health condition, and select the most appropriate operation.

The medical center does the necessary tests for the patient, to ensure that she/he is free from diseases that prevent her/ him from doing the operation, and to make sure that the patient is suitable for the reduction of the buttocks.

When one of the liposuction techniques is used, non-surgically, it is done through the following steps;

  1. The doctor plans the buttocks area, where the doctor plans the targeted areas to be sucked.
  2. The patient will have general anesthesia.
  3. The doctor injects fluid into the targeted areas. It is a saline solution added to the Lidocaine, which is a narcotic, these fluids increase the density of the fatty layer to facilitate access to the fat to be dissolved and suction, it also works on separating the blood vessels from each other, to reduce bleeding during the procedure.
  4. The doctor then performs a tiny surgical incision, through which to insert the cannula of the device used to break the fat.
  5. The doctor then breaks down the fat using one of the liposuction technique, whether it ’s laser, Vaser, or ultrasound energy.
  6. After that, the dissolved fat is sucked through the cannula, connected to the tube, which works on liposuction.
  7. The operation takes around three hours depending on the patient’s conditions and according to the amount of the accumulated fat.
  8. The patient can go back home on the same day of the operation.

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And, when choosing butt lifting, through the surgical method, they are done through several stages:

  1. The patient is anesthetized, general anesthesia.
  2. The doctor then plans the butt lifting area and the locations of the surgical incision.
  3. Surgery is performed in the regions that have been sketched, often under the buttocks, so that the surgical scar disappears with the folds of the buttocks, in a way it won’t be clear at all after the operation is done.
  4. The doctor removes the excess skin and fat, from the buttocks area.
  5. Then the doctor puts the dressings, and it remains for three days after the operation.
  6. The process takes time between five to eight hours, depending on the patient’s case, and the amount of the accumulated fat.
  7. Buttocks Lift operation requires the patients to stay in the hospital for a day or two, for close follow up after the surgery.
  8. The recovery period is relatively extended, ranging from four to six weeks.

The patient must adhere to the necessary instructions, dictated by the doctor after the operation, whether surgically or non-surgically, namely:

  • Wear compression clothing for at least six weeks after removing bandages.
  • Do not sit completely, within 24 hours after the operation.
  • Do not carry heavy objects for at least a month.
  • Stay away from any hard exercises, for two months.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Avoid high heat exposure to prevent infections.
  • In addition to abstaining from smoking altogether, for two weeks after the procedure, because smoking affects the delay of the healing process.

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The Benefits of Buttocks Liposuction

Butt reduction is not only for women, also some men suffer from the problem of large-sized buttocks, and seek in various ways to get rid of these buttocks, which do not fit the characteristics of masculinity at all, and spoil the overall appearance of the body shape, which requires a procedure to reduce the buttocks, to draw the manliest strength appearance, and the benefits obtained by the person to have buttocks reduction are:

  1. Get rid of accumulated fat in the buttocks area.
  2. Get tight, cohesive buttocks.
  3. Increase self-confidence, to possess harmonious buttocks with the body shape.
  4. Elimination of limps located in the buttocks.
  5. The consistency of the size of the buttocks together.
  6. Draw a nice rotation of the buttocks.
  7. Get the perfect body shape.

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The Disadvantages of The Buttocks Liposuction

The result of the operation, some side effects, and minor damage, which occur according to the patient’s condition, damages such as;

  1. The difficulty is sitting and sleeping, for about four weeks, due to pain associated with the process.
  2. Simple bruising occurs in areas where liposuction has been performed, that is when the necessary antiperspirants are taken.
  3. Loss of sensation, rarely lasting, depending on the patient’s condition.
  4. The possibility of a bacterial infection, due to weak immunity in the patient.
  5. Bleeding during the operation, lasting possibly for two days after the surgery.
  6. Swelling occurs in the buttocks area that continues for one month, and that’s when the necessary anti-swelling drugs, dictated by the cosmetic doctor, are taken.
  7. Is to have unequal to the shape of the buttocks, it is possible to be a more significant side than the other, due to the lack of skill and experience of the doctor sufficient in the field of buttocks Liposuction domain.
  8. Inflammation occurs in the buttock area, as a result of exposure to infection after the operation.
  9. Change the skin color, to appear darker than healthy skin, and it is either return gradually to standard color after several months or need to be surgical intervention to repair it, depending on the patient skin type.
  10. The appearance of some minor scars, but they gradually fade away over time.

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The Cost of Buttocks Liposuction

The cost of buttocks liposuction starts from the US $3,000 to about the US $6000. This cost varies depending on many factors, such as; the type of operation, surgical or non-surgical; also, it depends on the technique used, Buttocks area.


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What is Buttocks Liposuction?