buttocks augmentation types, benefits and cost

Buttocks augmentation, to get a harmonious shape of the body, without any obesity and extreme thinness, this is a one of the most critical challenge everyone seeking, every person dreams of appearing glamorous and more attractive, by following a lot of methods that take a lot of time and efforts, without getting any result, until the buttocks enlargement procedure has appeared.

The buttocks augmentation commonly known as Gluteplasty leads to getting the harmonious body and the attractive shape, without losing any time or efforts, so there were many people came to perform it, in which there are many people wants to perform a lot of plastic surgery, such as; liposuction, or body lift, and others want to reduce buttocks or enlarged, so the buttocks enlargement take the third place of cosmetic procedures, after liposuction and body-lift to get the attractive body.

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The buttocks augmentation is a cosmetic procedure, which can be done surgical or non-surgical, and it is not limited to women only, but there are also men who can do it, it is a procedure aim to increase the size of the buttocks, to get the Brazilian butt lift, which leads to the fixed shape of the butt consistent with the body, Improves overall appearance.

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Types of Gluteplasty

The buttocks consist of muscles, smooth to changes their shape, through diet, exercise, or plastic surgery, these muscles are:

  1. The gluteus maximus is the most significant muscle in each buttock located at the back of the butt, which soft tissue is made up of fat.
  2. The gluteus medius is a middle muscle located on the below the gluteal Maximus.
  3. The gluteus minimus is situated in the front of the gluteus medius and helps you to keep your balance.

Buttocks augmentation is performed in one of these muscles, depending on the patient’s condition, whether his or her body type and age, and many methods used to enlarge the buttocks, both surgical and non-surgical.


There are two types of surgical buttocks enlargement:

  • Buttocks implants: silicone buttocks implants is consist of a silicone gel and a silicone outer shell.This procedure treats the problem of the small and flat butt, or lack fat tissue, a soft and shaped silicone implant is placed through a small midline incision hidden inside the natural buttock crease over the muscle, then, the insertion of the buttock prosthesis through the incision, for enlarging the buttock and giving a physical appearance.The implant is positioned in a pocket below the large buttock muscle and above the pelvic bone.


  • Autologous fat transfer: commonly known as a self-fat injection, this procedure takes fat from one area of the patient’s body, which contain excess fat, such as; abdomen, thighs, and flanks, then, the harvested fat is injected to the buttocks, for enhancing and reshaping it.This procedure is a natural and completely safe process, in which the fat is harvested from the same patient, depending on the liposuction procedure, to suction the fat from the abdomen, thighs, or flanks, using Vaser or laser technique, then, the harvested fat has been extracted by a specific device that expels blood and fluids, then, the fat is injected into a fine gauge cannula inserted through a small incision.

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Non-surgical buttocks augmentation:

Filler injection: filler injection is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment, which enlarges the size of the buttocks, lift them in a tight, coherent, and consistent with the body, and injected into a specific area, which needs enlargement.

Generally, the filler does not take a prominent place in the field of buttocks augmentation, but it used to enlarge the size of the buttocks because it will be so expensive for the full augmentation.

The filler is consist of many natural substances, such as;

  1. Hyaluronic acid directs liquid to the area to be enlarged.
  2. Collagen helps for giving the skin a smoother, eliminates wrinkles.

The filler was developed in the 21st century before it was used with biologically harmful tissues, such as paraffin wax until DR. Tuan-Anh succeeded in the growing of proper techniques using modern fillers. The filler is used in many other cosmetic procedures, such as; Rhinoplasty, removing wrinkles, and facelift.

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How to enlarge the buttocks

The doctor examines the patient’s buttocks, and both discuss the shape of the buttocks after the operation. Once the doctor decided to use self-fat injection, he will explore the areas, which will be suctioned.

The patient must tell the doctor about all the medical drugs that he is taking.

The doctor tells some instruction to be followed by the patient; to avoid complication might occur during or after the procedure, such as:

  1. Stop smoking, for a week before the operation, to keep the amount of Oxygen in the blood during buttocks augmentation surgery, and accelerate the healing after the procedure.
  2. Stop taking blood-thinning pharmaceutical drugs, and anti-inflammatory such brufeen and aspirin.
  3. Take care of eating healthy and balanced food, and keep the ideal weight, for at least two weeks before the operation.
  4. The patient must not eat before buttocks enlargement surgery for 24 hours, in case of general anesthesia.
  5. Stop drinking alcohol and the green tea, for a week before the operation, because they are blood thinners, which delays blood clot.

The medical center will perform the necessary blood tests for the patient, to ensure that he is not infected with diseases that cancel the operation, such as diabetes or HIV/AIDS.

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Perform the operation:

  1. The doctor marks the buttocks and marks the areas that will be suctioned if he uses self-fat injection.
  2. Then, the patient will be under general anesthesia.
  3. The surgeon makes a small incision inside the buttock crease over the muscle, the insertion of the buttock prosthesis through the incision, when using silicone implants, or the doctor will directly be injected while using filler injection.
  4. While using autologous fat transfer, the liposuction has been done, to harvesting the fat to be inserted in the buttocks.
  5. The doctor puts bandages on the buttocks, for three days after the operation, then, the patient must wear compressive garments for at least four weeks to six weeks.

The buttocks augmentation surgery takes a period of about one and a half to two hours, depending on the patient’s condition.

The patient remains in the hospital to follow up his condition and can get back home within 24 hours after the operation.

The patient must follow some instructions, after the perform buttocks augmentation, to speed up the healing process, and get the desired results, including:

  • The patient must not sit or sleep on his back, for 24 hours after buttocks enlargement.
  • The patient must avoid exercise and exhausting activities for several weeks after the operation.
  • Be careful to wear compressive garments or compressive clothes to fix the shape of implants, for at least three weeks after buttocks augmentation surgery.
  • The patient must avoid extreme heat, for two weeks.
  • The results appear clearly, after one month of the procedure and the final results look after about six months.

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Benefits of buttocks augmentation

The advantage of performing buttocks enlargement varies from patient to another, there are cases with a small butt, and others have a flat and wrinkles butt, or there is a different size of each buttock, one is a slightly more significant than the other one, leading to unmatched shape with the body, so the operation is performed according to each patient and his conditions.

  1. The buttocks lift: commonly known as gluteal lift, and the Brazilian butt lift, there are some cases have a wrinkles buttocks, because of many reasons, such; aging and sudden weight loss, in this case, the doctor performs buttocks lift procedure, by self-fat injection in the buttocks, so it will be a raised shape.
  2. Buttocks enlargement: there are patients suffer small, flat and non-curved buttocks, so the doctor performs buttocks augmentation, to improve the shape of the body, and getting lifted buttocks, and this is done by silicone implant, to enlarge the appearance of the buttocks.
  3. Reshape the buttocks: sometimes, some people have a different size of the butt, in which one of them is bigger than the other one, and in this case, the reshape buttocks is done, using self-fat injection, or filler injection, so that the two sides of buttocks will appear equal.
  4. Buttocks muscle atrophy treatment: it is a weakness in the muscles of the buttocks, which mean a decrease in the mass of the flesh of the buttocks, because of a considerable weight loss, and there are two types of muscle atrophy; complete atrophy away of a tissue, or partial atrophy, and this case the doctor performs the autologous fat transfer. When the shape of the buttocks is consistent with the way of the body, it increases the self-confidence of the person, and raise morale, and to gets the harmonious shape of the body.

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Buttocks augmentation disadvantages

There are some risks and complication might occur, because of performing the buttocks augmentation, it can be exceeded by taking the necessary painkillers and antibiotics, these complications are:

  1. Feeling pain in buttocks and you can make the painkillers dictated by the doctor.
  2. Redness lasts for 48 hours after the operation.
  3. Some scars appear in the buttocks, and it disappears within a year, after buttocks augmentation.
  4. Change in buttock’s sensation, which numbness for three months.
  5. A seroma tumor occurs; it is mean a collection of fluid under the skin.
  6. Sciatica might happen and leads to numbness in the foot.
  7. The irregularity of the buttocks, or deformity after the buttock enlargement.
  8. Blood clot occurs, causing bleeding.
  9. Inflammation in the buttocks area, if there are too much silicone implants.
  10. A long recovery lasts for four weeks until the patient can get back his healthy life.


The cost of buttocks augmentation

The cost of buttocks development varies, from 3500$ to 12.000$, according to many reasons such; a technique used, whether autologous fat transfer, filler injection, or silicone implants. The patient condition and the size he wants to enlarge the butt is the most critical reason for the variety of the price.


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