Breast Augmentation methods, features and cost

Women are exposed to many factors that lead to slackness and atrophy of the breast or small size, such as; weight loss, or with the frequency of pregnancy and lactation, also, there are genetic or hormonal reasons that affect breast size change, and other factors, which causes her a lot of embracement. It is one of the most important manifestations of femininity and its beauty, which is the process of enlarging the small breast in nature, to obtain a chest consistent with the body shape, through the exercise of various exercises or home recipes, or perform breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation is used to make the breast size relatively larger, improve its shape, give it a more rounded shape, or to get rid of wrinkles, or to achieve similarity in the size of the breasts, while there was a difference, and also the use of breast augmentation within the stages of treatment of breast cancer, Using certain fillings, they may be silicone fillings or brine fillings.

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Breast Fillings

The breasts are made-up of mammary and fat glands, form and size, and breast fillings are natural fillings placed in the chest, giving it a larger volume, a specific rotation, and attractive shape. It is divided into:

  1. Saline fillings are fillings made of brine, placed inside a silicone rubber membrane, which can be filled with different amounts of salty sol, to give the breast the size, rotation, and shape desired.
  2. Breast augmentation surgery, by brine, has been more common since the 1990s in the United States, but it is a little popular in other countries, resulting in minor defects such as; skin wrinkling, breast failure, in a way it does not look normal, and observation of fillings.breast augmentation
  3. Silicone fillings are called silicone gel fillings, made up of a silicone shell filled with silicone gel, a transparent viscous liquid, less dangerous silicone fillings, and give a more natural appearance to the breast.
  4. The cosmetic surgeon in the cosmetic procedure determines the type of filling, which is best suited for the woman going through breast enlargement, depending on; the breast size and shape, the kind of skin, body shape, and the nature of the desired results, also the age effects in determining the type of fillings. A woman over eighteen can perform breast augmentation only with saline fillings. However, a woman over 20 years old can carry out the procedure using silicon fillings and chest fillings generally approved by the FDA.

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Breast Augmentation Stages

Breast augmentation is performed for medical or cosmetic reasons. The external causes such as; the breast enlargement and adjusts the shape of the breast. Medical purposes are a stage of treatment for breast cancer or trauma treatment such as burns.

  • The doctor examines the breast, and ask to know the motives that made her resort to breast augmentation.
  • The medical center does the necessary tests for the patient such as; comprehensive blood tests to see the rate of blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • The patient must commit to the doctor’s instructions that must be followed before undergoing breast augmentation, including; to abstain from smoking completely; because it narrows the veins, and reduces the proportion of oxygen in the blood, and avoid taking any medical drugs that cause blood diluting, such as; Aspirin, also, it is a must to abstain from drinking stimulants, such as; coffee, as it affects the process of anesthesia, when taking stimulants before the surgical operations, it is challenging to anesthetize the patient, because of the lack of response to anesthesia from the body.
  • Also, the patient should avoid alcohol and green tea because they are blood diluting, and they cause bleeding during the procedure, and delay blood clotting, and they must be stopped for a week before the procedure.

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The type of incision is chosen, depending on the condition and body, size of the chest to be enlarged, and also according to the method used in the fillings, whether silicone or brine, then the surgeon implants the chest, saline or silicone fillings. It is worth mentioning that the process of breast enlargement takes an hour to two hours, depending on the size of the breast to be enlarged.

You can go to normal life after six weeks of breast augmentation, and there are some instructions dictated by the doctor and should be followed during the recovery period, to help heal the wound and heal properly, including:

  • Make sure to wear a medical bra, for a month after the procedure, to help the healing process faster.
  • You should stay away from any stressful activity, for six weeks after the procedure.
  • Do not lift heavy objects, for between four to six weeks.
  • Avoid exposure to heat, or direct sunlight, for six weeks after the procedure.

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The Risks of Breast Augmentation

There are some damages, risks and minor side effects, resulting from breast augmentation, including:

  • The recovery period is relatively extended, lasting for six weeks or longer because it is considered an operation.
  • Loss of sensation in the chest and nipple area, for a period ranging from one to two months after the procedure, the sensation gradually returns.
  • Scars appear in the chest area if the cracks are directly under the breast or in the aura surrounding but progressively disappear after several months.
  • Chest pain, and lasts for two to three weeks, and can take the necessary painkillers, described by the doctor, to reduce the pain resulting from the procedure.
  • A bloody swelling, which lasts for several weeks, leading to internal bleeding six months after surgery, calls for another surgical intervention to be removed.
  • Accumulation of blood fluids in the breast after surgery, these fluids are often absorbed by themselves.
  • Infections in the breast and nipple, for a week, and can be eliminated by taking necessary anti-inflammatories, which is described by the doctor.
  • Complications of anesthesia; Patients can generally be allergic to narcotic substances, depending on the interaction of the patient’s skin.
  • Sometimes deformity occurs in the shape of the breast, resulting in low efficiency and the physician lack of experience, in breast augmentation operations.

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The Cost of Breast Augmentation

The cost varies from $5000 to $10,000. The cost difference depends on many reasons, such as the type of methods used in the surgery; whether it’s the silicone fillings or fillings of the brine, the size of the breast to be enlarged, the expertise and efficiency of the surgeon, and the care provided by the medical center.


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