Body Sculpting, Operation, Risks, and Results

We are all looking for a harmonious fit body; it is a dream we sought to reach ages ago, women dream of having their bodies sculpted to have a sculpted and attractive waist, where men seek to have firm abdominal muscles.

Many people go through lots of strict diets, to go a sculpted body, which takes much effort and time, in the end, most of these attempts are worthless, here comes the simple solution, to have the perfect textures, we wish to have through undergoing body sculpting operations.

When you hear the word “Operation” you feel anxiety, stress, and fear of going through it, however, body sculpting operation, is not like any other operation that comes to your mind, it is simple non-surgical operation, works on reshaping some certain areas in the body, the way the patient wants, although it differs from one patient’s case and desire to another, some people want to get rid of cellulite only, and it can be more complicated than that.

This operation is considered healthy in the cosmetic world and fashion, many Celebrities have done it due to the ease of the operation, and the lack of its complications, it is different from the traditional methods like liposuction and such, where you can easily highlight the aesthetic features of the body, to get the exact desired body shape, not just getting bodyweight coordination.

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The Risks of Excess Fat

Going through boy sculpting operation, means to have a fit body somehow, these operations are not intended to treat obesity, nor are they intended to control the body mass index, but rather to highlight the beauty of the body features, and determine the consistency of muscles or treatment of local obesity, where the person should be, in good health and not suffer from any other diseases.

  • Difficulty in breathing during sleep.
  • The possibility of having cancer.
  • Arthritis and stiffness of the knee.
  • The risk of stroke and high blood pressure.
  • Chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.
  • The possibility of deformation of the sperm and Testosterone reduction.
  • Feel exhausted and tired making the least effort.
  • Severe drop in blood circulation.
  • The probability of Clicking.
  • The occurrence of cerebrovascular stroke.


Reasons to think about Body Sculpting Operation

Excess fat corrupts the body shape, makes it improper, in addition to that, it leads to damages, innumerable risks in the human body, getting rid of them is something worth thinking of, and taking a firm decision as soon as possible, as a study from the World Health Organization in 2014 indicates that the proportion of people suffering from excess fat more than 1.9 billion between the ages of 18 to 20 years, and 40 million children under the age of five years are obese.

In 2016, the World Health Assembly welcomed the report of the Committee on the Eradication of Childhood Obesity and also welcomed its recommendations for addressing fat and obese environments, where having drinks such as soda and the spread of fast food, which are high in calories, have the largest role in the fat block, resulting in an imbalance of energy between calories and calories, which reduces the risk of obesity, obesity is the main cause of health risks that a man is exposed to during his lifetime.

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The Stages of Body Sculpting operation

Estimating the patient’s physical state is the first step for having this operation, where the doctor examines the case, goes through the problems the patient is suffering from, explains to the patient the possible outcomes of the operation, then he does some check-ups and tests for the patient, and then the doctor chooses the technique best suits the patient’s case, according to the body area needed to be sculpted.

There are some devices that work on planning the body for the person undergoing the sculpt operation, showing somebody shape illustrations before sculpting sessions, and then the number of sessions needed is determined by the obese patient undergoing the sculpting procedure.

The operation takes almost two to three hours, and if the operation is done by Laser Technique, non-surgical, probably it will take much less time, without leaving any wounds or scars in the body to remove the fat and suck it out in a way it decreases the risk of having bruises, and the patient can go back home on the same day as the operation, however, he/she stays in the house during the recovery time which is between three days up to fourteen days.


The Techniques of Body Sculpting

New technologies have emerged to sculpt the body with technological development characterized by giving guaranteed results in less time and effort without surgical intervention, including:

  1. Laser Body Contouring: This technique is known as cold laser or low-level laser, and its famous trade name is “Ziorna”, it is non-surgical operation, where a device is used to radiate laser rays can dissolve substantive fat, accumulated in some areas in the body without any pain, in order to get a slim body and a thin waist or to highlight certain muscles in the body. Laser types vary; there are three types of laser device used in body sculpting, which are different from each other in the laser frequencies used.
  2. Sculpture using infrared: Infrared is a type of heat radiation transmitted through the air. It is a dry type that penetrates the skin to a depth of 2 to 10 millimeters, this technique works in two ways, the first is similar to the way the laser technique works, which is the fragmentation of fat, while the second method is to activate the blood circulation, Lymphatic cycle and stimulate the process of sweating health, the body reacts with the increasing heat, allowing fat removal from the body, as well as detoxification and reduction of cellulite, exist under the skin, as in other processes, its results begin to appear gradually after the session.
  3. Sculpting using sound waves: In this method, ultrasound waves are used to break up fat cells during localized sessions, the device is placed in these sessions on the areas, which are intended in a way the waves reach to the fat in the deep layers of the skin, to dissolve the fat and move it out of the body right after the completion of the session.

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Laser operations Quadratic Dimensions

One of the surgical operations that work on body sculpting, it is a technique where laser radiations are used, High-quality and specificity to get rid of fat and sculpt the shape of the body muscles, in both motion and calm state, it is a surgical operation needs to enter a “Canniola” through a surgical incision, length about ½ cm, it is high quality, highly advanced, and it gives a splendid results usually, It is one of the most advanced processes in the field of body sculpting.

It removes the most accurate layers of mixed fat with muscles, and its results give the body streamlined shape, and it includes skin tightening, it only requires one treatment session ranging from two hours, to six hours, the patient afterwards goes through recovery time, not exceeding fourteen days, where he/ she goes back to his/ her normal life.

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The Recovery for Body Sculpting operation

The patient can go back to his normal life and daily routine once he leaves the session, as for the non-surgical sculpt operations, those sessions usually take time between 30 to 45 minutes at most. It does not require a recovery time at all, except the sessions that require cold-water compresses, or anti-inflammatory creams after surgery.

On the other hand, surgical sculpting operations using laser quadratic dimensions, this kind needs a longer recovery time, about fourteen days after the operation, the body then starts to stabilize after these two weeks, as it goes back to its normal right from the third week, till it reaches to its final state within three days up to six months after the operation.

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The Results of Body Sculpting Operation

The results show up right after finishing the first session, whether it was non-surgical sculpting or surgical laser session, and those results keep on showing throughout the first weeks after the operation, in general, all technologies used in body sculpting operations mentioned this article are done in sessions, except the treatment of the Quadratic Laser; which is done in one session, and the number of these sessions depends, primarily, on the patient’s financial ability and desire to get the best results, and his/ her satisfaction of self-appearance after each session, and to ensure the continuance of the desired results after the operation.

This has to do with the patient following a healthy lifestyle, although, this type of procedures provide a fast solution for years of patient neglecting his/her body health care. Therefore, the patient needs to follow a balanced lifestyle, reduce calories and do different exercises such as;

  • Practice walking or light jogging that helps body tightness, and maintain firm texture.
  • Rope jump exercises prevent fat accumulate.

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Possible Complications and Risks 

The non-surgical body sculpting operation is very easy and safe procedure, it is very limited in a way it does not have any risks, just simple things such as minor infections, swellings and some light bruises, which can be eliminated by taking the needed antibiotics, all you need is to follow doctor’s orders during recovery time, which can help you achieve the desired results.


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Body Sculpting, Operation, Risks, and Results