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  It removes the excess skin and appropriately redistributes the surrounding layer, to give the person a more powerful and attractive body

What Is Body Lift Operation?

Body lift is an extremely effective cosmetic surgery operation, for patients with excess skin, fat, and other tissues that linger as a result of massive weight loss. Body lift operation is a customized operation; thus, the patient can choose wither it’s an upper, middle or lower body lift depending on the area that has the surplus skin. Patients can also go for a full body lift if they have significant amounts of excess skin through their upper, middle and lower body all together.

Candidates for Body Lift Operation

Many patients who have been through a weight loss experience want to undergo the body lift operation; yet, to undergo body lift operation, a patient must meet certain criteria to be eligible. You can undergo body lift operation if:

    • You have lost 30% to 50% of your peak weight.
    • You suffer from extra layers of dropping skin or tissue around your abdomen.
    • You’re in good general health as this operation requires general anesthesia.
    • You’re not planning to get pregnant after the body lift surgery, as it can reverse the outcome of the operation.
    • You’re committed to maintain a good diet plan and exercise on a regular basis, to be able to heal properly and enjoy the results of the body lifting operation.

Pre-Body Lift Operation Tips

In preparing to undergo a body lift operation, the patient must follow the doctor’s instructions to decrease the risk of complications in the procedure, some of these instructions are:

    • Commit to a healthy diet and exercise regularly.
    • Refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol for a minimum period of two weeks – one month before the operation.
    • Avoid taking certain medications that can cause bleeding during surgery. Therefore, you have to inform your doctor about the medications you’re currently taking.
    • Fast for 12 hours before the appointment of your surgery.
    • Get restful sleep directly before your surgery, it will help your body heal better.
    • Contact a friend or a family member who can drive you to the hospital you’ll undergo the surgery in.

Post-Body Lift Operation Tips

The recovery duration for lift body operation takes between two weeks to two months for the patient to start getting back to his daily life activities.

It’s very important for the patient to follow the doctor’s post-operative instructions strictly, so his/her skin will heal beautifully and to get healthy and satisfying results. Some of these instructions are:

  • Get plenty of rest when you get home after surgery, the patient normally takes between two to three days at the hospital before going home.
  • Don’t do any exercises or lift any heavy objects for at least one month after the operation, so your skin can heal in proper way.
  • Be careful when touching your wounds, especially when you’re taking a shower.

Follow the doctor instructions regarding your medications strictly.

Stages of Body Lift Operation

Body lift operation usually takes between two to seven hours depending on the extent of the patient’s operation, as body lift operation is a customized operation that might differs from a patient to another. The stages of body lift operation are:

    • After your doctor goes over your operation plan for one last time, he/she will make marks on your skin to show you where the incisions are going to take place.
    • The nurses will prepare you for the procedure by cleaning your skin. After that, your surgeon will administer general anesthesia to you; thus, you can’t feel any pain during the operation.
    • Your doctor will perform liposuction if necessary; if not, he/she will directly make the incisions to remove the remaining fat, tighten the muscles and trim the excess skin before suturing it closed. Therefore, the skin will lay smoothly.
    • The doctor will then place bandages, compression garments, and drains over your incisions as needed.


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