Is there a perfect time during the year to undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery? What is the best time for cosmetic surgery? Let’s find out together…

The best time to undergo cosmetic surgery is always the one that meets the patient’s needs. Depending on your habits, your work, and your family needs, only you can know what is the right time for you. Yet, unless there is a rather serious problem to be solved that has repercussions on health, not all periods of the year are recommended to undergo plastic surgery, especially taking into account what concerns post-operative recovery. Let’s see some examples regarding the most requested cosmetic surgery procedures and their characteristics…

Liposuction: after the surgery, it is necessary to wear an elastic corset for at least 15 days. Therefore, it is not recommended to apply it in the warmer months to avoid swelling in the legs and slowing of circulation.

Rhinoplasty: as far as rhinoplasty is concerned, you can undergo the operation at any time of the year, but if you suffer from allergies it is always better to avoid spring as pollens could cause allergic rhinitis and nose discomfort that would be better avoided in the postoperative.

Breast Surgeries: Springtime may be the most popular time of year for breast surgeries, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best time of year. Of course, breast surgeries can be done anytime; but winter and spring months are better because the use of a band is envisaged in the postoperative period, and exposure to the sun is also not recommended to allow scars to heal naturally and become less and less visible. Colder weather often means heavier, less-revealing clothing so you can heal more privately as well. For these reasons, it is recommended to proceed in autumn and winter.

Lifting: It is recommended not to expose yourself to the sun for some time after having undergone the surgery, so as not to make the scars evident and not to accelerate the aging process of the skin. Once again, autumn turns out to be the best time.

Therefore, the best time for the intervention certainly is autumn, since the climate is not particularly cold or hot, which helps to counteract swelling and does not make any post-operative corsets annoying. Furthermore, cooler temperatures help in faster recovery and restore normal blood circulation. And also there is no danger of the patient exposing himself to the sun when it is not recommended to do so.

Spring and summer are not recommended to perform liposuction, blepharoplasty, lifting, instead breast augmentation can be performed all year round. However, the patient is free to choose according to their needs, while always taking into consideration what has been said so far and the warnings of the surgeon.