How to choose the best hair transplant clinic

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When it comes down to the person’s appearance, you need to be extra careful especially when it comes to hair transplant, there, you need to choose the best hair transplant clinic, it is not a temporary thing, a sold service, or a product you use, it is a permanent thing.

An operation that needs a special care, in addition to the follow-ups that the patient needs to get at least the first year after doing the hair transplant operation in Turkey, choosing the best hair transplant clinic, has to be an outcome of an intensive reading and research, as there are many factors which we have to rely on, also, there are a lot of things to worry about when you find them at any clinic, so be aware.

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The best hair transplant clinic

You will face a lot of commercial advertising, whose goal may be to make money by any means, where the competition between the clinics of hair transplant is very big; some of them offer high potential and high quality but at a high price, and some of them uses a possibilities that are not advanced in order to reduce the cost of the operation.

Some others offer you the quality and advanced capabilities at a price at your disposal, but many of the hair transplant centers in Turkey did not get the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Health, and not by doctors specialized in this field, which led to the emergence of the failed operations and their consequences on those who have fallen in the trap of the pioneers of this black market.

We can summarize the elements that determine for you the best hair transplant clinic in the following points:

  • Make sure that the clinic is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health, also ask the clinic if it has international certificates to help you choose between hair transplant clinics in Turkey, where it is important to make sure that the clinic is recognized locally and then internationally.
  • Make sure your doctor is certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health. You can also ask for your doctor’s CV, so you can determine if the doctor is right for you.
  • Make sure that the doctor is the one who operates the hair transplant operation, as there is a difference between the doctor operating the transplantation, and other person doing it, the doctor is very experienced and specialized in it, and therefore the patient will get excellent results when the doctor finished the process.
  • Ask to know the percentage of the former satisfied patients from the clinic, where the greater the satisfaction’s rate of former customers is from the center, the more reliable and appropriate the clinic is, as well as the results are guaranteed. In the end, getting an attractive appearance is what you’re looking for.
  • Be sure to choose the best hair transplant clinic by making sure that the clinic deals with a recognized hospital; locally and internationally, where many people establish unlicensed and unrecognized clinics, to minimize the cost of hair transplantation.

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  • The quality of the center should be at a high level. The hospital must be rated at least five stars because you are trying to get an aesthetic form and normally that must be obvious in the hospital and staff working there before they achieve your dream of getting beauty.
  • Check out the center’s website, where it should be the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, offering complete and useful medical information through its website, not just marketing or ads to attract attention.
  • Make sure the clinic provides follow-up service, with its patients for at least a year after the operation, this is not the service sold and ends, but an operation its results show up in at least a year, and therefore there must be a specialist to follow up with you, and tell you the instructions to be followed, and warns you about the risks, also be with you in case of an emergency happened and need to be consulted.
  • The best hair transplant center in Turkey offers you complete services on a high level and in an integrated way. This means that you will be provided with an integrated treatment package free, as well as a hotel reservation and service at a level that suits you. In addition to a working staff to always, care about your satisfaction.
  • Make sure that the clinic uses the latest technologies in hair transplant in Turkey, and it helps you to choose the best technology for you.
  • Look for the experiences of previous clients to make sure that the center is the best, but beware of the delusional experiments. Most start-up clinics write mock experiments and publish them online or on Arabic blogs that talk about hair transplantation, which makes advertisements for hair transplant clinics that won’t give you real information, so you can ask the clinic about their costumer’s phone numbers living in the same town, who have done hair transplantation, and then contact them and ask them directly.
  • Beware of low-cost clinics, as they reduce the quality or success rate of the operation in exchange for reducing the cost of hair transplant, and raise the slogan of the cheapest hair transplantation in Turkey, to attract the largest number of victims.

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The cost of the operation and the success’s rate

The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is a great advantage, given to the competitive prices, as it is the most appropriate in comparison to the level of services offered, nevertheless, it is not the best standard to determine the best clinics for hair transplantation, where to only depend on the cost criterion is a trap, as the intense competition in Turkey makes you look for the lowest prices, But prices cannot be a criterion for preference and determine the best center for hair transplantation in Turkey, as many of the clinics are not accredited to promote, to attract patients and deceive them, which leads to bad results and failure of the operations for a good number of people, but in reliable clinic; costs vary depending on each patient’s case, the affected area and its size, in addition to the adequacy of the donor area and hair density, as well as the technique used and the good expertise and efficiency of the doctor and other variables.

Mahmoud MonemHow to choose the best hair transplant clinic

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