Baldness, Reasons of Baldness, and Types

Baldness, in which the healthy hair is one of the beautiful signs for each life stage and both men and women alike. The hair that has huge density and healthy appearance is the most beautiful signs.

Getting a beautiful hair is a dream, which many people want because of the beauty of the hair increases self-confidence and makes him more rush to the life. This is what the bald patient seeks to earn.

Baldness is the most worried for a person and the most thing that people try to avoiding, reducing, or late its occurrence. it is not related to one age as past when it just happened with aging after 50 years old but the reasons that made the baldness as a disease varies across all the ages. Now a day, we notice the symptoms of its stars to appear on persons aged 25 years old, in which the first signs of it start with hair loss, fall back of the head frontline, and thinning of the follicles.

The hair grows from precise cavities in scalp named follicles, each hair passes through a circle of growth, then, falls, and a new one follicle begins to grow; it is normal through the growth cycle of hair. The baldness occurs when the follicle starts to thinning, so leads to the growing of thinning and short hair till stops the growing and starts hair loss but the follicle remains alive so that doctors say that they can re-stimulation the follicles to producing a new hair.

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it can occur as a mini hair loss or full hair loss, as an incremental occurrence or sudden occurrence, is considered a modern disease of hair loss for both men and women, but its signs vary between men and women. it is a disease usually occur to men and a little category of women; it appears for women as a density reduction. The men baldness starts as incremental hair loss and appears as a group of empty hair in the front head and the middle of the head until full baldness occurrence.

The studies refer to the reason why hair loss; it increases stimulation of testosterone hormone or the sensitive of hair roots that stimulation DH, this type of hair loss is a genetic type.


The reason for baldness

The medical studies proved some reasons for its occurrence such as:

  • The changing of human hormones.
  • Increase the rate of male hormones.
  • The reduction of protein.
  • Genetic factors.
  • Suddenly weight loss or follow the hard diet.
  • Infection of the scalp with critical skin diseases such as pattern hair loss.
  • Taking contraceptive pills which are hormone regulating.
  • Pregnancy or amenorrhea.
  • Taking painkillers medical drugs.
  • Having cancer or exposing to chemical treatment.
  • Malaria disease.
  • Thyroid diseases.
  • Taking some hormones, which leads to muscles reduction.
  • Changing the diet.
  • Using hairstyle products such as creams, jell, and hair coloring.
  • Using the electronics hairstyle.

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Types of baldness

Baldness is a disease of the modern era, as is resulting from the disadvantages of urbanization in the last century, its treatment also lies the technology of the last century. This technology provides a lot of solution to reduce the baldness, in addition to we must consider that its reasons vary in many types such:

  • Male hormone baldness: this is a male genetic hormone; it affects men and relates to the hormones activities that are resulting from the changing of male hormones, which affects the activity of follicles inside the scalp. Testosterone hormone -male hormone- kills the hair roots and occurs bald areas. The signs of this type are thinning hair and hair loss from the front head.
  • Baldness due to diseases: this type occurs due to the gland problems, which is arranged the human hormones, such as an endocrine gland, thyroid, and immune system, in addition to the increase of androgen hormone.


The history of baldness

Some people think that its concept differs between the past and present, in the past, the factors of it unknown, in which most people think that it is a normal result with aging

Now a day, we find a lot of cases that youth suffered in early age, you will see the youth in the middle of 20 years old suffer the baldness, and a lot of teenage girls suffer from hair loss and the leak of density in some areas in the scalp. The baldness changes between the past and present, according to many factors of the surrounding environment.

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Now a day, the technology appears the reasons of baldness and the surrounding factors that help to spread of it, some of these factors are:

  1. The type of food that we eat daily; this food affects the hormones and the balance of body hormones.
  2. The high population around the ear or water.
  3. Hair care products start from the shampoo to cream and jell.
  4. The fashion that attracts a lot of youth and teenage to the hair coloring.
  5. The stress, which results from the routine.
  6. The baldness evolved with the evolution of life because that evolution brought a lot of negative factors.


This article helps you to know the meaning of baldness, the reasons of it, and the types of it, so help to share it so that the information will reach many people who want know about baldness.

Baldness, Reasons of Baldness, and Types