What is the Best-Experienced Baldness Treatment

Baldness treatment, or the best cure for baldness, as when having hair with beautiful density, getting rid of constant hair loss, which makes us feel lousy, exposing us to masseur psychological problems, whether on the psychological or social level, as baldness is one of the most significant issues a person can go through his lifetime.

Therefore, we all search for the best treatment for baldness that can relieve us for good from hair loss and constant hair fall.

Through years, as time evolves, treatments and methods used in baldness treatment have varied, unquestionably, relying on natural methods, are what people look for, including; natural hair products, or cosmetic treatments that include natural ingredients.

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Baldness treatment methods

Baldness is the final stage of hair loss; it starts as a graduate hair loss until empty spaces begin to form in the scalp, known as baldness spots.

There are many methods and ways that relief us from baldness and the person can choose the best treatment for baldness suites him, according to his case, the degree and the stage of his baldness he suffers from, such as;

  • Relying on home recipes: there are many home recipes, used in reducing hair loss, which enables the person from treating baldness in the house, without the need of leaving his place and exhaust himself going to a cosmetic specialist, it is possible, by using simple ingredients exist in the house. Natural masks for hair that help in treating baldness such as; yogurt and honey, the yogurt nourishes damaged hair follicles, works on its growth rapidly, where honey; it moisturizes the scalp, and when you mix honey and yoghurt and place it on the hair for 10 minutes, twice a week, you get dens hair rich in health and vitality.
  • Herbal Therapy: Natural herbals are one of the best treatments that help in baldness treatment, naturally, such as; rosemary, when used as hair wash after washing the hair, it works on fighting baldness, giving the hair a remarkable density.
  • There is also a plant called the plant of the fox grapes, and the so-called Amla plant, which contains many vitamins and proteins, nutrients to hair follicles, and helps in the growth fast, and for better results; it can be mixed with coconut milk.
  • Vitamin: nourishing the body is considering as feeding the hair, and when eating different types of food, containing lots of vitamins and proteins, we can treat baldness at home, obtaining a healthy and dense hair, where it works on strength hair follicles, growing hair relatively stronger, won’t be able to fall off.
  • Using medical shampoo: there are types of shampoo includes herbal elements, stem cells, and collegian, do not contain any colorings or Alcohol, which work on many resistant factors that lead to hair loss, and treat the problem of baldness.
  • Hair serum: using hair serum that contains stem cells coming from apples and natural yeast sugar, containing collegian, which guarantees hair follicles growth in perfect timing, protect hair cells from the hair falling related to hormonal problems. It motivates the scalp to produce new cells.
  • Natural oils: oils works on strengthening the hair follicles, which helps in preventing hair fall, decreasing the baldness stage, such as; almond oil, and castor oil, they are all natural oils that help in treating baldness naturally.
  • Taking medicines: the medicines that contain Testosterone compounds, it is a group of steroid hormones produced in the adrenal cortex, and are artificially compounded, and include various metabolic functions, which help to improve metabolism, that works to deliver the needed nutrition to the hair follicles; therefore, it can treat hair loss and baldness cases. Those meds can be taken as pills, or by injecting the scalp, and these medicines are used in treating infections.
  • In addition to drinking the right amount of water daily, alongside with having good healthy food, which has a positive influence on hair growth, leading to dens and healthy hair.

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Baldness best treatment

There are specific cells connected to the follicles at the end of the hair, when these cells fall off; along with the falling hair, then these hairs do no grow again, even with the use of herbal and natural recipes, alongside with other treatments, moreover, depending on homemade therapies has some massive flaws, leading the person to despair and frustration, unwilling to keep up with treatment, as they come with no benefit, as they take much effort and time. Moreover, its results are not entirely guaranteed, as it can cure some cases and others it can’t.

Cosmetic medicine has evolved recently, especially in baldness and hair care, until they’ve reached to the best remedy for baldness, which confers natural density, and natural hair, and that is, hair transplant, whether it was natural hair transplant or artificial hair transplant.

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Natural hair transplant:

Non-surgical cosmetic surgery, where hair follicles are transplanted from the donor area, at the back of the head, through extracting them by particular devices, to be implanted in the regions suffering baldness or hair loss, known as the recipient area, and it is considered that natural hair transplant is the best treatment for baldness.

Natural hair transplant depends on many technologies, such as; FUE, DHI, and ROBOT technique that is the latest technology used in hair transplant. The method used depends on the patient case, and his/ her baldness degree he/ she suffers from, in addition to the efficiency of the donor area.

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Artificial hair transplant

It is the alternative solution for those suffering from total baldness, up to the donor area, where follicles are plucked. Therefore, natural hair transplant, is no good for them, and the perfect solution would be; artificial hair transplant, depends on insignificant fibers, which are derived from stem cells. They are re-manufactured in several stages, to resemble natural hair, enabling the patient to choose the color, type and texture of hair desired.


This article contains much information related to baldness treatment. If you suffer from baldness, this article will be the best for you, so please share it with friends so people suffering from baldness could eliminate that problem.

What is the Best-Experienced Baldness Treatment