Baldness Signs and Baldness Causes for a Faster Treatment

Baldness signs and baldness causes, where baldness is one of the worst that a person can go through, in his entire life, affecting every aspect of life, causing him a bad feeling, reducing his self-confidence, destroying his social relations, and his career life, both for women and men.

Hair is the secret of anyone’s beauty, it is one of the most important signs of grace, which gives attractiveness and distinctive look to the person, and when we lose one of the most beautiful icons, this exposes us to depression, isolation, and staying away from society.

Baldness signs lay in; Partial or total loss of hair, as it is gradual loss of hair, until the spots appear in the scalp, the hair disappears altogether, it is considered one of the hair fall stages, moreover, some people think it’s just a male illness; however, studies by the American Academy of Dermatology show that baldness affects both women and men, but it is the most substantial proportion among men, about 80%.



Baldness Signs

Baldness signs differ between men, women, and children; nevertheless, any gender under any age, the person will notice grading in hair loss while combing hair, or bathing.

  • Baldness signs in men: There are clear signs observed by men, which predict the occurrence of bald spots, including:
  1. Hair significant thinning and the shrinking of hair follicles.
  2. The tapered form of the hair and the reduction of front-line hair.
  3. A noticeable decrease of the hairline from the scalp, known as temples, until it reaches the crown of the head.
  4. Feeling itchiness in the scalp.
  5. The hair at the back of the head, known as the donor area, remains thin
  • Baldness Signs in women: a woman notices the beginning of baldness through the following:
  1. Excessive hair fall.
  2. Hair is fading away from specific areas on the scalp such as the crown area.
  3. The front line hair slightly reduces.
  4. Thinning hair and its exposure to weakness and damage.
  • Baldness Signs in both Children and Teenagers
  1. Sudden hair loss, leading to baldness and it is one of the baldness causes.
  2. Empty spots in the scalp, where hair disappears from it entirely.
  3. Color changing in the scalp’s skin.
  4. Complete hair loss.

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Baldness Causes

Daily hair loss is a regular thing, where a person losses around 50 up to 100 hair daily, to grow back one again, however, when losing a significant amount of hair, without increasing back, that leads to empty spots in the scalp, where hair completely disappears, in addition to many factors that cause hair loss massively, whether it was up to us or out of our control, through practicing wrong daily habits, here some reasons in details;

  1. Genetic factors: known as the gene type, where the person carries some genetic genes, affecting his hair follicles, leading it to shrink clearly with time, which leads to hair lack of growth as whole, in certain areas of the scalp, such as ; the crown of the head, the front hairline for women, and the hairline and temples areas for men.
  2. Hormones disorder: one of the most common reasons in the appearance of the spots in the scalp, the imbalance of Testosterone hormone, for women; by the lack of Testosterone secretion, and for men; by the excessive secretion of Testosterone, which causes the sensitivity of DHI hair follicles and makes them never grow.
  3. The infectious of certain diseases: like the scalp infection of a skin disease, like; lupus Erythematous, Anemia, Malaria, functional dysfunction of the Thyroid gland or the Endocrine gland.
  4. Certain medical medicines: which causes hair loss for both men and women, massively, to a stage where bald spots start to form, like when taking vitamin A or muscle-building stimulants, blood diluting medicines, or when a person is exposed to radiation therapy.
  5. Aging: one of the main reasons, as studies show that women at the age of 40 are exposed to a big baldness attack, way more than youth or adolescence stage, wherein men; it starts at the age of 35, and it continues in spreading to the age of 50 years.
  6. Wrong treatment of hair: by overusing the harmful chemical materials for hair, such as; lousy quality chemical shampoos, hair dryers, the excessive use of hair coloring dyes. Which lead to hair thinning and falling excessively and suddenly.

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Tips for baldness signs treatments at home.

If you notice that you have excessive hair loss, you need to be careful, and caution to reduce the process of baldness signs appearance, and get to know the reasons for baldness. A person should follow organized steps to reduce the spread of the hairless spots, like;

  1. Having a healthy diet, improving the nutrition, and eating food that contains proteins and vitamins, iron and zinc, which works to nourish the follicles and grows the hair,
  2. Stop smoking: as it narrows the veins, and reduce the required Oxygen average, that is necessary for hair growth.
  3. Drinking enough amount of water: as it provides hair roots with the necessary salts, and nourishes them, as well as maintaining hair moisture and shine.
  4. Scalp massaging: for five minutes daily, it helps to stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp, and it works on blood flow to the cells responsible for the growth of hair follicles, which stops the hair loss.
  5. Stay away from Alcohol: it adversely affects the hair, and lead to thinning hair follicles, causing hair loss, which results in empty spaces in certain areas of the scalp.
  6. Eat supplements, which help strengthen hair follicles, prevent them from falling off, such as; the supplements containing zinc, and iron supplements.
  7. Stay away from stress: and all the factors that lead to high blood pressure in the body, only because tension and stress lead to hair thinning, therefore, hair loss.
  8. Abstain from using hair chemical products, as they weaken the hair follicles, as it’s necessary to rely on the natural products or the ones that your dermatologist has prescribed.
  9. Regularity in the work of natural hair masks, as it helps to nourish hair follicles, which leads to stopping the fall and hair growth again.

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Baldness fastest treatment

In the past few years, the cosmetic medicine has achieved marvelous results, in curing baldness signs and baldness causes for both men and women, the person is no longer has to live with the constant hair loss. Now anyone can restore the missing hair and have completely natural results, through a minor procedure, hair transplant operation.

Unlike the community belief, hair transplant is not one of the welfare things, where a person cannot live, for real, with baldness spots on his scalp, as he feels utterly unsatisfied with himself, moreover, the genetic baldness, caused by taking some certain medicines, cannot be treated in any other way but through hair transplant, it is the ultimate solution to cure baldness in both men and women. It is considered a very simple operation, where anyone can go through it, in addition to the results of a hair transplant is guaranteed in a huge percentage.

Hair transplant is a non-surgical procedure, where hair follicles are transplanted from the donor area, at the back of the head, to be implanted in the areas suffering from baldness signs or hair loss, by using the latest technologies such as; FUE technique and DHI technique.


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Published on: Oct 15, 2018 at 17:18

Baldness Signs and Baldness Causes for a Faster Treatment