Artificial Hair Transplant in Riyadh Benefits, and cost.

Artificial hair transplantation in Riyadh, the largest city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has significant economic strength, it is witnessing a significant development at all levels, and the first is the medical and cosmetic medicine. Riyadh medical and cosmetic facilities, all of them have high quality and superb luxury.

The city attracts everything that is new and up-to-the-minute in the field of cosmetic medicine, To reach a prestigious position in the world of cosmetic medicine, moreover, alongside with the developing technologies in the field of medical cosmetics. Today, technology offered one of the newest techniques; Artificial Hair Transplant, also known by “Bio Fiber”; it is made from an artificial material similar to the natural hair composition, in terms of size and shape, is prepared in a certain way, to be implanted in some cases instead of the natural hair.

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Italian Hair Transplantation and the artificial hair transplant

It comes to some people’s minds that the Italian Hair is different from the artificial hair, but they’re the same technology that has evolved like any other technique; where the artificial hair or the Italian hair depends on implanting hair component of several artificial fibers, made according to the gentle, natural hair gradient. What makes this technique so unique; Italian hair transplant in Riyadh is the help it gives to the person suffering from complete baldness, unable to do the transplant operation normally, gaining back his hair, due to the weakness of his donor area.

Italian Hair Transplant in Riyadh, known as the “Bio Fiber” is one of the latest technologies that offers people with full baldness the ability to have hair similar to the natural hair, where it present artificial fibers, compatible with the body tissues, therefore it is considered as the effective alternative for the baldness problem, which can only be solved by, artificial hair transplant in Riyadh.

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Artificial hair transplant candidates

  • Full Baldness Patients: patients with weak donor area; as they don’t have enough follicles to cover the baldness they have or the donor area type of hair, is not the proper kind for harvesting, such as having a very soft, thin, or breakable.
  • Injury in the donor area: such as burn marks, or significant wounds scars, in a way it’s hard to get enough healthy amount of follicles.


The Cost of the Artificial Hair Transplant in Riyadh

The cost of Italian hair transplantation in Riyadh is much lower than other countries that offer this service. The cost in Riyadh ranges from only $ 1,500 to $ 4,000, compared with some of the United States of America, which might reach up to $ 20,000.

Although the patients that undergo the operation of, artificial hair transplant in Riyadh, get instant results after one session, nevertheless, the Italian hair transplant in Riyadh, also has flaws.

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Artificial Hair Transplantation in Riyadh, Benefits, and flaws

Just like any previous technique, artificial hair known with its benefits as well as its negative sides

The Benefits of Artificial Hair Transplant in Riyadh

  • Treats Full baldness: because there is no need for a donor area to harvest the follicles, therefore, it is the only technique that treats the full genetic baldness, or who has a poor donor area, and its weak follicles.
  • Getting instant results, where the patient gets his results directly after the transplant operation.
  • Low cost compared to natural hair transplantation.


The Flaws of Artificial Hair Transplant in Riyadh

Despite the previously mentioned advantages of artificial hair transplant, but it has side effects the patient must be aware of before he goes through it.

  • The body rejects these artificial fibers and begins to attack them as a foreign body that must be disposed of.
  • Can cause swelling or inflammation in the form of blisters and may appear as burning scars in the scalp, reducing the success rate of the operation down to 60-70 percent.
  • Simple bleeding, not for more than few hours.

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All hair transplantation technologies, including artificial hair transplantation in Riyadh, has become a very easy cosmetic surgery. The rate of obtaining excellent results is 95%, but it is recommended to use hair transplant in general and hair transplant in Riyadh in particular, to carefully look for the best center for hair transplantation in Turkey, also a large part of the operation’s success depends on the doctor, so be sure of the doctor expert and excellence in this domain, who’s updated to the latest medicine, and modern techniques in the world of surgeries Cosmetic.

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Italian hair transplantation in Riyadh or natural hair transplantation

Despite all the techniques that cosmetic medicine has reached to, today, there is no doubt that there are some techniques, which results are natural and right, and others may not be as good, with time, no matter how their immediate results were excellent.

Artificial hair transplantation in Riyadh offers many advantages; the first one, it provided a solution for one type of baldness, that is; full baldness, whose owners did not even dream of getting natural hair look. However, the problem is that this modern technology could not reach these artificial hairs to the level that matches the normal hair tissues of the body, and the rejection rate for these artificial hairs is still very high, and the side effects of Italian hair transplantation in Riyadh, may reach a situation in which no other solution will be useful, such as having horrible infections, will never be healed, causing a total damage to the entire scalp, also, in the normal state of the scalp, these artificial hairs have no life in them; they will not grow, and their shape or color won’t change either, not to mention the difficulty of having them done, in addition to their quick fall in very short term compared to the normal transplanted hair.

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Natural hair transplantation is the perfect solution to everyone’s suffering from baldness, whether it was genetic baldness or any other kind of baldness, the only problem in which the normal hair transplant does not work is when a person has a fragile donor area, where he/ she won’t be eligible to undergo the transplantation of the normal hair, any other conditions, natural hair transplant offers excellent results, where the patient,  after a full year, has perfectly healthy hair, not affected by any circumstance, unable to fall off, and lasts for a very long time, and it gives its owner to do it the way they desire without worrying about any side effect, natural hair transplant is for real the best treatment for baldness in all kinds.


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Artificial Hair Transplant in Riyadh Benefits, and cost.