Arm Lift Risks and Cost of Treatment

Weight loss, although it enables us to get rid of fat, and get a body glamor, it leads to the emergence of flabbiness in many areas of the body, in addition to that, it targets specific areas of the body, without other regions as a whole.

Losing weight in the abdominal area is possible. However, areas such as the face, buttocks, and arms are entirely flaccid, which makes the appearance of the body is inconsistent, the excess skin is often very annoying and exhausting, and challenging to get rid of various exercises, especially the arm area, Which is affected by the weight loss slack, this slouch and excess skin in the arms, needs cosmetic intervention, to fix it.

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Today, the arm lift is the ideal solution for getting rid of excess skin and weight loss slouch. It is a simple cosmetic procedure, in which the fat and excess relaxation of the arms are removed to appear thinner and more consistent with the shape of the body.

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The types of Arm-Lift

Since the beginning of 2000, there have been many cosmetic surgery procedures for the arms, both surgical and non-surgical. The cosmetician chooses the type of surgery, depending on the patient’s condition and the most suitable for him, according to the amount of limpness, excess skin, or the formed fat the patients suffer from in the arms area.

  1. Non-Surgical Arm-Lift Procedure: This method is used in cases of simple limpness, where there are pure fats in the arms area, arms liposuction is done, which is considered as a non-surgical procedure that leads to reducing the formation of post-surgical serous swelling; also, it reduces the possibility of arms’ nerve injury.Several techniques, such as; do liposuction
    • Laser Technology: based on a device that transmit laser, to reach the area where the fat is concentrated, and works on the fragmenting the fat, which makes it so easy to suction then through Cannula connected to the tube, however, the use of this technology has decreased in many cosmetic centers, where the latest technology, Vaser technology.
    • Vaser Technology: the most recent technology used in the liposuction process, which is based on the use of safe ultrasound technology (UAL) to break down the fat in the area where the fat is to be removed, where the fluid is injected, a saline solution, which increases the density of the fatty layer, for easy access to the fat, then it fritter the fat using a Vaser device.
    • Ultrasonic Energy: depends on the use of ultrasound energy, to target the area where fat removing is needed, to dissolve the fat, and then it sucks the fat.

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  1. Traditional Arm-Lift Surgery: This method is suitable for extreme looseness. It is curative cosmetic surgery, in which the excess skin is removed through a surgical procedure under the arms in the inner area, starting from the armpit to the end of the elbow, where the scars after surgery, will not be that clear at all.
  2. Fish-Shaped Incision: an incision made in the arms area taking a form of a fish, based on the planning of mathematics and surgical signs, to draw a fish-shaped incision, through which to remove fat and excess skin, and to have an arm tightening, this method is used when a person suffers from a medium amount of fat in the arms.
  3. An “S” Shaped Incision: An S-shaped surgical incision is made in the wings by using certain molds that make it possible to draw a double S-shape, slightly tilted, and reduce scars after surgery. This method is rarely done alone; it is often combined with other arm surgeries, such as traditional surgery or a fish incision.
  4. Extensive Incision: There are cases suffer from a significant amount of fat, ranging from the upper arms, to reach the elbow along the chest wall, and to remove these fat and excess skin, a surgical incision extends along the bottom of the division, directly at the armpit level of the head of the muscle, parallel to the thoracic wall, until the skin is removed from the area and the arm is tightened.



Arm Lift Operation


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Modality of Arm-Lift

In many cases, arms lift is performed for many cases, which suffer from flabbiness in the arm area, which are caused by a large percentage of short-term weight loss, genetic causes, or the result of aging, and the skin slacken that comes with it, as the majority of people who’s going through it by 43%  are 1940s.

  • The doctor will examine the patient’s condition, identify the amount of fat, and flabbiness in the arms area, according to it the doctor determines the type of operation used, whether surgically or without surgery, and if surgery is performed surgically; the nature of the surgical incision will be determined
  • The doctor asks the patient to follow the instructions that he dictates prior to the procedure, including completely abstaining from smoking, stay away from stimulants, green tea or alcohol, at least one week before the operation, in addition to refraining from blood diluting drugs, which cause bleeding during the procedure, such as; Profile, at least two weeks before the surgery.
  • The doctor will examine and mark the patient’s arm, identify areas where fat to be removed, or liposuction, as well as plan the shape of the incision to be made.
  • The patient is then anesthetized by an anesthesiologist to prevent the patient from being allergic.
  • The cosmetic surgeon will perform the surgical procedure, depending on one of the methods, whether it’s Fish-Shaped Incision, Extensive Incision, An “S” Shaped Incision, or by doing traditional Arm-Lift Surgery.
  • If the operation was a non-surgical procedure, then a minimal incision is made to allow the insertion of the device into the fast-breaking device, whether it is a Vaser or a Laser device.
  • Then the doctor removes the fat and the excess skin, and tighten the arms.
  • The bandages are then placed on the wings, and they remain for three days, after that, the corsets or compression garments are worn for six weeks after removing the bandages.
  • The procedure takes between two to four hours depending on the patient’s condition.
  • The patient returns to the house on the same day of the operation, if his / her situation does not require hospitalization.
  • The patient must follow the instructions dictated by the doctor after the surgery, to get the best results, and accelerate the process of recovery, and full recovery, such as:
    1. Complete rest for two weeks, after the operation.
    2. Do not carry heavy objects for at least two months after the surgery.
    3. To wear compression corset for at least six weeks after the surgery.
    4. Avoid exposure to high temperatures, to avoid inflammation of the arms, for two weeks.
    5. Stay away from exhausting exercise, and any kind of hard work, for two months after the operation.
    6. Avoid too much effort, which can delay wound healing for two weeks.

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The disadvantages of Arm Lift Operation

Any cosmetic procedure causes some complications and damage, whether surgical or non-surgical, including arm lift, which also has some drawbacks, risks, complications and minor side effects that might occur after surgery. Such as;

  • Tumefaction occurs for a long time, ranging from ten to fourteen days, and the patient must take the anti-swelling meds prescribed by the doctor.
  • Pain in the arms, the length of the recovery period, most often, is up to two weeks, which can be eliminated by taking the necessary painkillers.
  • Frequent bleeding during surgery, due to incompetence and the lack of experience of the surgeon, the bleeding, sometimes, lasts for two days after the operation.
  • The possibility of blood clots, leading to heart complications, such as heart attack.
  • The recovery period of surgery can take up to a whole year to be fully cured.
  • The appearance of scars, often visible, depending on the method used in the procedure, according to the patient’s condition, can disappear slightly over time using the necessary medical creams, dictated by the doctor.
  • There is a possibility of muscle tissue destruction, which requires a surgical intervention to treat.
  • Sensory neuropathy, which may lead to sensation loss, permanently or temporary.
  • Asymmetry of the arms, where one side is higher than the other, is due to insufficient doctor skill.
  • The possibility of infection with bacteria, as a result of non-sterilization tools used in the process, and to reduce them. You need to take the necessary antibiotics described by the doctor.
  • The occurrence of Serous swelling, because of fluid accumulation under the wound, muscular tissue, and requires surgical intervention to remove it.
  • Feeling itchy in the wounds and scars areas.

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The Cost of Arm Lift Operation

The cost is close to $ 4000, depending on the method used to remove excess fat and skin, whether surgically or non-surgically, also, it depends according to the type of incision, as well as the laxity and fat volume in the patient’s arm area.


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