Abdominoplasty Results, When Does It Show

Abdominoplasty results, when does it show. Is the first, and the most essential question that pops-up in the mind of the person who’s about to do the operation of Abdominoplasty, where all his concentration and focus will be on every detail of the operation, and all guidance, warnings and pre-operation instructions, that come with it, in addition to other instructions need to commit to after the procedure to have the best Abdominoplasty results possible.

People undergo Abdominoplasty operation to get rid of the excess accumulated fat in the abdomen area, to remove the accumulated fat in the abdomen, in addition to removing the flabbiness in the belly, through one of the following two methods, in which the doctor chooses the best suits the patient case; whether choosing to perform a partial tummy tuck operation, or a full tummy tuck operation, according to the amount of fat accumulated in the abdominal and waist regions and how they are distributed.

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Abdominoplasty Results

Abdominoplasty is a surgical operation, done under local anesthesia and the results show immediately, after the elimination of the excess fat in the abdomen area, which produces excess flabby skin, the doctor will cut out this excess skin and get rid of it, then he will perform a cosmetic stitching where the surgery is done, therefore, the results of this operation appear immediately, as the patient once he/ she is out of the operation will notice the removed excess fat and skin, which have been disposed of. However; the immediate results we’re talking about, are intended to be between two weeks up to a month, during this period, the abdominal puffing have disappeared, but some minor side effects remains such as; very slight bloating, depending on the patient’s body, as well as some bruising and wound formation after the operation.

The wound requires a lot of follow-up and care after the operation. The life cycle of the wound is a relatively long period from the first day after the operation to the end of the first year, through the year the skin improves day by day, but it should be noted that the improvement in the skin will stop after the first year, which means; the final form of the skin will be the shape it will come to, at the end of the first year. Often, in most patients, the skin is sufficiently improved by 60 to 70% according to each patient and the nature of his/ her skin. At first, the patient needs to take care of a lot of the operation wound, give it much care and attention. Start to use the anti-inflammatory creams, and a month later starts utilizing the restoration cream; a cream made of silicon, works on restoring and improving the shape of the skin. This cream is used until the end of the first year, to help the skin as much as possible to heal fast, restore its recovery, and get rid of the surgical scars.

Abdominoplasty is a surgical operation, its difficulty lies in the first three days, where the patient feels severe pain in the abdominal region, which is a regular thing. The patient starts to move around in the fourth or the fifth day, as he/she begin to walk around with some difficulties. There are some prohibitions, need to be cautious about, in the first eight weeks, which is the critical period after Abdominoplasty, the most important are:

The person who undergoes the Abdominoplasty operation won’t sits as he/ she wishes through this period, also he/she is not allowed to perform complicated movements, is not allowed to carry anything heavy and is prohibited from practicing any kind of sports. After the first eight or ten weeks pass, of course, according to each patient’s body, the situation gets a lot better. As two or two and a half months pass; the massive amount of puffiness will disappear, and the wound shape will be better than before. Nevertheless, the wound stays in a state of improving and restoring its best looks until the end of the first year. However, it should be noted that the two and a half months is the period that the patient needs to return to his/ her normal life just before the operation.

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After performing the operation of Abdominoplasty, whether performing the partial Abdominoplasty, or the full Abdominoplasty, the patient will start to notice the results of Abdominoplasty when the first ten weeks pass, where the side-effects; the puffiness and bruising, begin to disappear gradually, to start with aesthetic results appear, in the form of more coherent, more flexible and much stronger skin, in a way the patient will find his/her abdomen is more proportional to the overall shape of the body.

Abdominoplasty is an initial step to get a willowy body and a sturdy belly; however, maintaining the results of Abdominoplasty operation is up to the patient, later on, to follow a healthy diet, exercise, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although the results of Abdominoplasty remain for a very long time, a healthy lifestyle will keep these results longer.

Two important points are worth noting

  1. Lack of sensation in the entire abdominal area, for two months at most people, and may extend to a much longer time at some others, due to the body naturally in every person, which is totally normal, there is no need to worry, because the sensation will get back gradually without the need of taking any medicines. Moreover, the risk of skin discoloration is also highly possible. However, it is not advisable to use any type of medical creams unless you consult the surgeon who has performed the operation. It is worth mentioning that the lack of abdominal exposure to the sun during the first year helps to alleviate this situation, as the sun increases scarring wound worse, and makes it difficult for the skin to return to its standard color.
  2. There are unusual and emergency cases, the patient who feels or notice them should communicate directly with his surgeon, such as excessive pain, fever, or bleeding. If the patient sees any of these symptoms, he/she should not wait for them to go away on their own, or try to treat them him/ herself with certain medical drugs, it’s essential for the patient to consult his/ her doctor directly.

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As mentioned earlier, Abdominoplasty is a profound surgery in the body. Therefore; the patient who wants to go through this operation should be aware of all the instructions, and the guidelines that the patient needs to commit to once he/ she makes the decision of going through Abdominoplasty operation. Moreover, the patient needs to know that obtaining the best results in mainly upon him/ her. Abdominoplasty results or, Abdominoplasty results when does it show, depending on the patient and his/ her commitment to the doctor instructions, which he dictates to him during this entire experience; before and after the operation, not only for one year but to care for his health for always.


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Abdominoplasty Results, When Does It Show