Abdominal Lipo-Etching in Turkey

What is the Abdominal Etching?

A washboard stomach can be extremely difficult to achieve since even well-conditioned muscles can be hidden by a thin layer of fat.
Abdominal etching surgery is a safe way to give the abs more definition. The plastic surgery procedure accentuates the existing muscle by removing fat, producing the highly coveted “six-pack” appearance.

Abdominal etching is performed through small 3mm incisions. It may be performed in conjunction with other plastic surgery procedures, such as liposuction of the flanks and lower back. In this way, our mission in Turkeyana is to provide a proportionate appearance of the patient’s entire torso.

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Who are the best candidates for Abdominal Etching?

  • Healthy men and women who have tried to define their abs by practicing sports and have a good mass of muscles.
  • People with a layer of fat that is no more than 2 cm.

What are the side effects?

  • Loss of sensitivity on the abdominal skin is common and sometimes temporary. Permanent sensation loss could also happen around the belly button or lower abdomen.
  • Excessive scarring of the skin or internally where “etching” took place.
  • Post-operative infections (usually occur in the first 4-6 weeks).

Your Abdominal Etching operation with Turkeyana, Istanbul:

This journey takes three days in Istanbul, Turkey, we will take care of everything once you arrive in Istanbul.

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Your personal driver will be waiting for you at the airport to drive you to your hotel, and then to our hospital that is certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health TMH TC. Sağlık Bakanlığı, and here’s more details for the three days’ schedule:

  1. The first day: You will have your consultation session with your doctor, where he will also operate the needed medical analysis, and then the operation will take place when your doctor will determine to use the needed type of anesthesia.
  2. The second day we will drive you to the hotel to recover.
  3. Finally, on the third day, you will check the results with your doctor, to safely and confidently go back to your country with your new look.

Our experts will follow up with you after you leave until at least one year of your operation.

Our professionals will always be with your company all along your trip, we will also provide you with a team of translators in the hospital to be sure your journey is as pleasurable and comfortable as possible.

Abdominal Lipo-Etching

Six Pack Abs Operated by Turkeyana

Why Turkey?

It’s known that Abdominal Etching is so expensive around the world, but Turkey has been known with its cheap high-quality medical services, and we help you in Turkeyana Center to plan your trip with the best price guaranteed.

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